Sunday Sermons: “The Waiting Room” by John Gray


Since the original video I shared has been deleted (my fault for sharing one not posted by the church but from an individual user), I am sharing another sermon from the same preacher. The Waiting Room is another powerful one about the gap between when we hear the promise and when it’s delivered. Since it was around the time of a storm, the sermon gives us a true understanding of how this looks when walked out in our lives.

Grab your notebooks and coffee or water and enjoy!




Sundays are for sermons that I have found inspiring and that have helped me change something about myself. This one from John Gray – WOW! For me, this was a year of internal growth and some outside changes in friendships and family life, but nothing really notable and nothing that I didn’t implement either on my own or after praying. That left me quite disappointed come September, as I expected this to be one of the best years of my life. When I listened to this message, it provided perspective and helped me continue to hold on… which sometimes can be hard when you see no changes and begin to wonder if you aren’t as crazy as some people think you are when they learn you are a Christian who really follows Jesus as you believe He instructed you to live and as He showed us to live. Grab a coffee or water and notebook, sit back, and see how the message helps you. (EDIT: The video was deleted and I can’t find the same sermon so I am sharing another one as an edit.)

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