New Book Release: “I Am Stronger than the Storm” – Out Today!

We have done it again! Today, you can purchase your Kindle version of our latest anthology: “I Am Stronger than the Storm” with Dr. Tamika Hall of TamikaInk. This book is filled with stories of pressing through, rising above, and understanding that we are not to be brought down by life’s adversities but to rise above them!

As with all anthologies, going to bestseller is fun and helpful in ensuring people see the book, so we’ve launched a campaign to help us reach that goal. Since paperbacks are each sold by individuals authors, the only way for the Amazon algorithm to see the full amount of support for the book is to see how many Kindle copies are sold.

By purchasing the Kindle version, you can have it accessible at ANY TIME so you can read it on the go. Open it up when you’re in an extremely long line, when you’re stuck waiting for a doctor, when you’re on those every engaging meetings that should have been an email! By having the e-book on your device, you can open it in the Kindle app OR through the cloud. You can also open it on your iPad or computer.

A line from the book. "I am stronger than the storm not because I conquered it but because it didn't conquer me.

If you’d like to buy a copy today to help us reach that goal of bestseller, you can head over to Amazon and purchase it.

Thank you for your support!


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