Why You’re Not Getting Stronger (Drew Cost of Conquer Fitness United

Drew Cost, founder of Conquer Fitness United, shares three reasons you’re stuck instead of getting stronger physically. If you’ve been working out and aren’t seeing the results you desire, listen to the video and see if you fall into one of the categories.

Drew and the team at Conquer are doing great things in the community and for its members. If you’re in the area, please check it out and see if you find your tribe there as you get fit inside and out!



When I exercise at home, I diffuse Highest Potential and Abundance to create an atmosphere that opens up my thinking and increases my desire to see the workout through to the end. If I am going for a run, I like to dab a drop of Motivation on my wrists with a drop of grapeseed oil. I love the way the blend smells while I am out and about.

In addition to working out, I make time for prayer and daily meditation and journaling time. This helps me stay healthy all around. I can tell when I am getting out of sync with myself by how I am feeling. On those days, I will spend more time in meditation or go for a longer run or walk.



  1. One nice thing about being 71….I don’t care too much if I’m getting stronger. lol Having said that, I really should get the weights out and work on muscle tone. Use it or lose it…the mantra of my youth still rings true.

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