Fireside Chat with Wendy Turner-Larsen

I’m a psychology freak. I love it. I love how the mind processes things. So I was naturally curious when I heard about Wendy Tuner-Larsen’s upcoming book, “Becoming You”. As I talked with her about it during this chat, I decided it’s going to become my next favorite book.

I’m going to be honest that with our first day of full distance learning here at home on top of a long day of work, I am beyond my capacity for the day so instead of chatting about how I feel about this talk, I will come back later this week to summarize it for you and share the great quotes I took away from it. In the meantime, hit play and listen for yourself!

Learn more about Wendy by visiting Stop by her Facebook page on Saturday for her Sense & Soul Saturdays! You can see her social media on her very colorful and fun website or by seeing the YouTube description.



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