Fireside Chat with Janae: Being Naked & Exposed | Healing in the Hurt

Another week in which we had SO MUCH we discussed that I want to just let you jump into it and then I will come back during the next few weeks and start sharing the takeaways. There is a LOT of gold in this one. I feel like each chat easily becomes my favorite one without diminishing the joy in the others or how good they were. I love that each chat has its own personality and depth. I pray you will deeply enjoy this chat in which I talk with one of my favorite spoken word artists about her poetry, business, and faith.

Here’s the video description:

Janae of Kreative Roots and Shell Vera discuss what it means to be naked and exposed, being multi-talented, and how to fully walk in our identity with authenticity and vulnerability. The ladies touch upon their love for poetry and communication while also sharing about the importance of identity, relationships, and faith in our lives. They talk about how they have brought their audiences as writers and poets into their processes and now share with others how to do the same. This chat is a beautiful example of how there is no competition in the Kingdom and how two women who work in similar spaces can come together and share ideas and grow a friendship when we see one another as sisters and brothers instead of competition. The ladies bring a lot of fun, joy, and depth into the conversation.


Janae is a visual communicator and brand strategist through design, poetry, and writing. She helps individuals discover the power behind their voice, own their story, and make it look good. She offers her services through podcasts, books, poetry events, and her up-and-coming design agency, Kreative Roots. Through Kreative Roots she helps build sustainable brands visually and strategically.

In this chat, the ladies speak about how Janae stepped into her true identity as a child of God and realized her dream of becoming the creative director at ESPN was actually a very small dream. For those who have felt like they had a promise from God and haven’t seen it come to pass will gain much from this discussion, as we sometimes realize the promise isn’t going to be fulfilled in the way WE desire but in the way we are willing to co-create with God through our submission and obedience along with a willingness to act and move forward.

At the end of the chat, there is a beautiful moment as Janae shares a poem with us that will touch you and nearly brought Shell to tears. The ladies pray you will be blessed hearing them as they discuss so many topics and truly enjoy coming together to share a moment in time with you.

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