An Invitation to Keep Going – Naked and Exposed: The Showcase (Only Up From Here)- July 17th at 7 pm EST

If you missed last year’s Naked and Exposed: The Showcase (The Show Must Go On) with Janae Carlee and her guests, you missed out on beautiful, heart-moving poetry that caused you to reflect and grow. You also missed out on worship and singing that moved you to your core.

But you don’t have to miss out on this year’s showcase! There’s still time to buy your tickets and attend online via Zoom for only $10. See the email below from Janae (shared with permission) for details.

Before I say anything else, let’s read Janae’s words about what you can expect from this year’s “Only Up From Here” theme.

Hi friend—


Healing does too.

I find myself grieving and rejoicing in similar exhales, but I’ve never felt more alive than this. I’m learning I have a testimony worth sharing! God saved me from anxiety, depression, fear, self-rejection, and abandonment. People-pleasing is a beast, and boundaries are essential. It hurts to heal (2018), but healing does come (2021).

This showcase is for you if:

🚨 you need encouragement.

🚨 you’re feeling discouraged.

🚨 you’re a little doubtful.

🚨 you struggle with consistency.

🚨 you want to quit.

🚨 you love Jesus!

🚨 you love to worship.

🚨 you love spoken word poetry.

Did you know faith comes by hearing?

Naked and Exposed Showcase, Only Up From Here is less than two weeks away. Are you coming?

For many of us, these last three years have both challenged and disrupted our “normal.” God has moved in ways that are difficult to grasp.



Join us, July 17 at 7p virtually for a night of worship and spoken word poetry around the theme, Only Up from Here.

Naked and Exposed: The Showcase is a 2-Hour Live Event journeying through worship and spoken-word pieces relevant to the theme crafted to uplift and encourage us to keep going in our journeys.

If you answered yes to any of the points above PURCHASE your tickets at

Tickets are currently $10 by using the code GRATEFUL21.

Text me your questions, 919-568-5610 or respond to this email.


As I was reading this email, I KNEW I had to share it with you all because Janae is a friend from afar, a sister in Christ, and a woman who is not afraid to change course. I am a fan, a follower, and a fan girl for her in all aspects of the words because I have watched her through the screen for many years and felt such a deep connection with her message and who she is. She shows up authentically and has changed how I show up because of how she allows God to work through her. She is who she is and apologetically so. You will be moved by her poetry and the testimonies you hear this year! I know it will be a wonderful encounter if you attend!

You may remember last year’s post when I talked with Janae as we first entered into all the changes. I rewatched our fireside chat tonight after work and was laughing and shaking my head in agreement and finding myself in awe of how far she has come. The breaking and the growth are both evident. She lives out the walk she talks about and that is one of the most beautiful things in this world.

To hear a taste of Janae, you can visit 1:00:33 in our chat. Oh my even a year later…so good…I felt it so deep. You can also visit all (yes, really) of the links below!

I grabbed my VIP tickets and I will be closing the doors, sitting with my screen and God, and enjoying some time with Janae and the crew that evening. For two hours, I will step away from all that is going on around me and step into a new level of truth for the rest of this year.

Will you come with me? If so, get your tickets today.

Find Janae online –>

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