Working from Home with Kids Present

A friend and I were talking about how we thrive on remote work in our family by implementing a simple rule of “Our family, our rules” (based upon a coaching principle my coach Beth Perry taught me: my business, my rules). I recorded a video with my thoughts for you about working from home and how you can make it work.



Stay safe and well,



  1. I find it very easy, working from home. It fits my personality quite well. Having said that, I’m having a hard time imagining me working from home with kids underfoot. With younger kids I would find it nearly impossible, me thinks. My hat is off for those who can pull it off.

    Stay safe and have a wonderful, love-filled weekend.

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    1. I agree Bill! I can’t work in an office. There is too much noise, discussion, interruption. At home, I have my space under control and can choose which distractions to allow in and when to do so. This addition of the little humans into that environment has been a change. It’s definitely harder to focus when you’re getting Algebra questions or have to transition a kid from one subject to the next.


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