Sunday Sermons: “I’ve Seen This Before” by Robert Madu

What do you do when you’re living something you already lived through but it doesn’t end the same way? In this sermon by RobertMadu, of Trinity Church Cedar Hill, he speaks on the story from Mark 8:22-26 when Jesus heals the blind man in Bethsaida. Hear his take on the story and how you can apply it to your life by grabbing your notebook and pen, maybe even a chai!




  1. We do not bring ourselves to Christ. He comes to the Blind!! And also the man’s honesty resulted in finally getting clarity…How often do I NOT speak up out of politeness and cut my prayers short therefore the answers as well. a lot to think on Shell

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    1. Yes! I listened to this three times last night because there was soooo much here. I really enjoy Robert Madu’s style of teaching and preaching. I’m shocked to see I hadn’t shared his sermons previously! Glad you enjoyed this one and also found so much to think on!


    1. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen. With your son being blind, I’m thinking the visuals in the message will be even more powerful for you as you listen. Bless you!


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