Essential Oils to Inspire Creativity

I love anything artistic and creative. Whether it is sitting in the back yard, staring at the sky and thinking about story ideas or sitting in my office writing business ideas and plans, I get caught up in the process of creative thinking and dreaming big. While it doesn’t take a lot for me to get in the mood for creative sparks, I love to diffuse my essential oils or have a cotton ball with a few drops of one sitting in front of me when I am being creative.


I especially love specific oils for certain creative activities. For example, if I am focused on the financial or strategic side of writing, I like to diffuse or wear Into the Future or Magnify Your Purpose. If I am creating social media posts or working on the creative side of business, I like to diffuse three drops each of Rosemary, Patchouli, Peppermint to create an invigorating and uplifting aroma that keeps me productive and energized.



When I am writing blogs or editing, I like to diffuse Oola Field or a mix of two drops each of Black Pepper, Sage, and Rosemary. When I am working on poetry or writing a book, I tend to lean toward wearing Motivation and diffusing Sacred Mountain or Idaho Blue Spruce, which create a feeling of being outdoors and connecting with nature (this is a creative outlet for me so the smell brings my senses alive).



When I am painting, drawing, scrapbooking, or journaling, I like to diffuse Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit which promotes an energetic and creative atmosphere that smells ahhhhhhh-mazing and helps me free my thinking and get my creative juices flowing. I will add a dab of Oola Fun to my wrists from time to time as well because of its great scent!



When I am exercising, I enjoy diffusing En-R-Gee or Oola Fitness if I am inside for my workout. If I leave the house to take to the trails, I am a sucker for dabbing a drop of Sacred Mountain on my heels or combining a drop each of Orange and Citronella on my wrists.



When I am meditating, reading a book, or studying my Bible, I like to diffuse Believe, Oola Faith, Elemi, or Frankincense. If I am writing in my journal I like Angelica, Grounding, Clarity, or Aroma Life. These oils center me and create a serene atmosphere that is conducive to exploring the mind and heart.


Misc Activites

Sometimes, I will go into my creative nook and diffuse an oil to help me download my emotions or get in touch with my inner self to ensure I am at my creative best. These are times when I will diffuse Cedarwood, Awaken, Surrender, Build Your Dream, Oola Grow, or Highest Potential.

  • There are other oils you can use but these are the ones I have found work for me. We each metabolize differently and our bodies’ chemistry is made up a bit differently from what I understand. For this reason, I tell folks I interact with to try what works for you. I usually will smell a couple oils when I am unsure (remember to smell some ground coffee beans in between the oils to clear your nostril) and see which feels best and gives me a “Yes! This one” reaction. Try out a few different oils over a couple of weeks and see which work best with your body and needs.


Do you have favorites for your creative time? If so comment below!


33 Essential Oils that Inspire Creativity


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