Keeping Calm and Continuing On

As a creative, it can be hard to stay calm when there are deadlines all around you. Add to that parenting and other stressors and sometimes it can be truly overwhelming.

Stress Away is one of our family’s go-to oils when we are feeling like our emotions are on high alert. When we feel like we aren’t operating on the right frequencies and like we need a check, we will throw a few drops in the diffuser and enjoy the great smell along with the how calm we feel after a few minutes. If we are out in the community, we will grab the rollerball and dab our wrists and behind our ears. The transformation we see in one another when we use it is wonderful.

When the deadlines are creeping up and you need to remain calm, diffuse the Stress Away and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are moving forward toward your goals. There is no better feeling than working while calm and productive versus being stressed and anxious that you won’t meet your deadlines.

As a note: If you have diagnosed anxiety, check with your doctor to ensure this won’t interact with your medications. If you aren’t taking meds, talk with your therapist about using it, as it is highly recommended to talk with someone versus self-medicating. In addition to using the oils, my daughter and I both attend therapy to ensure we are learning coping strategies and handling stress well.

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