The Importance of Pure Protein & When to Take It

In our second to last post (the next will be at 4 pm EST today), let’s talk about Pure Protein Complete and what it can do for you for post-workout recovery!

Drinking Pure Protein after a workout delivers much-needed amino acids to muscles that have been broken down and worked. When you work out, your muscles are taxed, especially during resistance exercise. Some of your existing muscle fibers stretch or tear, and your body repairs and replaces them during a recovery period. The process of building and repairing muscle requires dietary protein to work. Although your body can store protein to use when you need it most, many experts believe there is a special window of opportunity for protein intake right after a workout, when you’re best able to use the protein for repair.

Pure Protein Complete is unique because it is a blend of five high quality protein sources! Whey protein, Goats milk, Egg Whites, Peas, and Organic Hemp Seed. Hemp and Pea protein are considered complete proteins because they contain all eight essential amino acids in sufficient quantities to meet the body’s needs.

This blend is unique as the proteins are assimilated by the body at different times. Meaning there are quick release and slow release proteins which make it great for pre or post workouts. Because of the varied protein sources in the product, it provides all the major amino acids needed for the building and repair of various tissues in the body. Many of these amino acids, provided by the proteins, cannot be made by the body and have to be found through the diet. These ingredients make Pure Protein Complete the perfect option for those looking for a high protein supplement that features a full range of amino acids.

Young Living’s Pure Protein Complete is a comprehensive protein supplement that combines a proprietary five-protein blend, amino acids, and ancient peat and apple extract to deliver 25 grams of protein per serving which is about 50% of your daily recommended value of Protein and more than 4 hard-boiled eggs.

Aside from providing all the amino acids needed by the body, Pure Protein Complete contains a proprietary enzyme blend to ensure proper digestion and maximized utilization of all of its ingredients.

Pure Protein Complete also supports healthy energy levels, naturally! Ancient peat and apple extract, along with a powerful B vitamin blend, also known as ElevATP®, complete the formula. ElevATP is an ingredient used to increase energy in body in a natural way. It is a proprietary, clinically researched combination of ancient peat, which is fossilized plant trace minerals, and a polyphenol –rich apple extract that works with our body to stimulate the production of ATP. ATP is the energy currency of the body and it provides our body with the energy it needs to function day to day. As we age, our bodies produce less ATP, which affects tissue function and quickens the aging process. ElevATP stimulates the body to produce ATP internally, the way nature intended.

This product can benefit everyone from professional athletes to pregnant moms who need all the energy they can get. There are so many low-quality proteins and artificial and caffeinated supplements on the market, it’s hard to find a brand you can trust. Cheap proteins may contain refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors, or synthetic flavors. You might also find ingredients like guar gum or carrageenan, which are used as thickening agents to alter the appearance of a poorer-quality protein supplement. These ingredients have been linked to gastrointestinal issues. We could go on and about the supplement industry, but bottom line is that you want to be using a clean product that enhances your hard work and effort!

Pure Protein comes in two delicious flavors, Vanilla Spice and Chocolate Deluxe. Both taste delicious!

Benefits of Pure Protein Complete:
No trans-fat
• rBGH-free whey
• Soy free
• Excellent source of protein
• Optimal five-protein blend
• Provides a full range of amino acids, including d-aspartic acid, threonine, l-serine, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine, arginine, proline, hydroxyproline, cystine, tryptophan, and cysteine
• Protein metabolism support
• ElevATP or ancient peat and apple extract supports ATP production, the energy currency of the body
• Offers 25 grams of protein
• Supports muscular system and body in building lean muscle
• Supports energy levels
• Post-workout muscle recovery

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. Passing this on to others who are more likely to take your advice. 🙂 I have no doubt you are correct but Shell, seriously, I’m seventy. There isn’t much chance I’m going to change my eating habits at this point. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bill! This series has helped me learn a lot as I’ve been sharing information with you all. I make small changes each month to see how I feel. The biggest change that has helped is doing the shake before I sleep on third shift days. I find I’m waking up less foggy, which is the biggest problem I’ve had working third: always feeling tired. I know not all posts work for all readers but my hope is that all posts offer something to think about or – like you noted – that readers will be able to pass on to someone they know who will benefit! Have a great day!!


  2. I really like my protein shakes. They’re great when I need to fix a sugar craving – protein shakes are generally sweet and that’s enough for my brain to be satisfied. 🙂

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    1. I do something similar with the Slique shake. I’ve been using half a packet and making a smoothie with it (adding a banana, some berries, and a little cinnamon) in lieu of a snack so I don’t eat junk when I’m having a craving I can’t place my finger on.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s sounds so much fancier than what I do 😉 I just dissolve a scoop of protein powder in water haha 😀 I should finally try a protein smoothie – banana and cinnamon sounds great, I usually mix them with milk, so protein powder should work too!

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