I am Shell Vera, a writer who empowers people to tell their story, increase their faith through solid grounding, live their best life, and combat the storms of life we face. To do this, I write, coach, and teach professionally. I love my life and all that is within it, even on the harder days.

I am a mother 24-year-old and 11-year-old daughters, an avid reader, and a follower of Christ’s teachings. I try my best to live life in a way that allows all I am around to know they are loved and to elicit smiles from anyone I come in contact with. I am an introvert who can go months without seeing friends because my energy doesn’t come from those around me but from within. I love quiet time and have a love for movies and plays.


Here on The Essential Creative (www.TheEssentialCreative.com) I share tips about reaching new levels of creative expression. This includes posts related to faith, family, business, and community: the areas in which I believe we all want to reach higher levels of expressing ourselves creatively while influencing change and challenging others to grow. While I write from a Christian worldview, I don’t believe you have to be Christian to enjoy my blog. As I share, I incorporate how essential oils can help in these areas as well. In my posts, I will also reference Young Living products from time to time, as I use them to enhance my creativity and wellness.

If you need writing services, help finding your voice, or would like to attend a workshop that I teach, please visit my website (www.ShellVera.com). This is my website and where you will find the services I offer professionally.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope one of these sites will inspire you in the area that caused you to find me today!


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