Young Living Website Updates

Have you visited the new Young Living website yet? The new structure is amazing AND you now get to receive the 24% discount without becoming a member! Just order 100 PV OR subscribe to at least one item and you have earned the discount. Go beyond by adding the Loyalty Rewards program, in which you order at least 50 PV per month via Subscribe to Save and earn rewards. With this program, you can change your orders each month, order items on a 1 – 3 month rotation, and update your order up right up until two days before it processes. You will receive an email each month reminding you of your processing date and how long you have to edit the order. As long as it is at least 50 PV, you will accumulate points to use toward products!

Here’s info about how to use the new website.

Better at learning through email? Go here to sign up for the New Website Tips & Training from Young Living. They will send you succinct emails to help you learn how to navigate the new platform.

My member number is 2298760 and I am a Brand Partner with Young Living. Any information I share is from personal experience and I suggest you speak with your Health Professional to determine what will work for you, as I am not a doctor and cannot provide health advice for you specifically. If you use my member number when signing up for your Young Living account, I will be your guide on your essential oil journey, whether as a customer or future business builder. You can let me know which and we will ensure your experience is pleasant.