Six-Week Check In: #Last90Days Challenge with Rachel Hollis



Have you been doing the #last90days challenge with Rachel Hollis? If so, you know it’s not been super easy but HAS BEEN super rewarding!


As a summary for those who don’t know what the challenge is: We committed to 5 actions each day to end this year on a high note versus “getting through” the holidays.




I chose to eliminate red meat and and instead of waking up an hour earlier I chose to use the hour my daughter is getting ready for school as the hour I will plan my pray and plan my day. Sometimes I have used this time to write a blog, exercise, or meditate.


It’s been productive, life-changing, and amazing, but hard!


My first inclination is not to focus on myself but to do everything for others, so this has been quite the change to ensure I am getting enough exercise, water, and time for myself. I didn’t make it through with flying colors – for example, I didn’t exercise at least 30 minutes a day – but I did start putting myself first and allowing myself time to do the things I needed to do while ensuring my daughters’ needs were met and my family was taken care of. It took some creativity, but I managed to make it work! This felt really good!


I have also challenged myself to really think about my business and how I want to move forward, so I have been focused on streamlining what I do: writing and oils. I have been creating some new workshops, reevaluating the services I offer to others, and considering how I want to spend my next year, next five years, and next 40 years. I have been studying my Bible more, listening to more sermons, and praying more about my future. It has been revealing but has also caused me to spend less time here than I had originally planned so I thank you for continuing to check back.


I look forward to the next six weeks as I implement the things I have noticed, want to change, and want to start. I have some fun blog posts, some serious blog posts, and some creative blog posts planned as I begin to sunset one of my other blogs and move my focus fully to this blog and my main website (


What have your biggest changes been these last six weeks?






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