What Can I Help You Learn More About?

Today has been a day of diffusing Surrender and Awaken, alternately, throughout the afternoon. I’ve been thinking about what moves me and planning out the topics for the coming year, thinking about strategy for ensuring you get the most out of reading this blog, and developing themes for each month that will help folks maximize their creativity in 2019.

This got me reading back through old blog posts on another blog I’ve maintained since 2011. When I came across this post I stopped to reflect for a bit.


This morning I woke up with that feeling that perhaps I am still not completely on MY path in life. I feel as though I am still living by others’ expectations to a point. While I have definitely come a long way from where I was four years ago, I am still not sure that I am doing what I want to do, what I was CREATED to do, what I dream of doing. Somewhere in this life, I took a rabbit trail that hasn’t led me back home yet to that place of true contentment and passion. That place where you look up and realize you are right where you are supposed to be at this very moment in time. That place where life feels so good because you can’t stop smiling. That place where you know you do what you are and you love what you do. So I decided to sit in my “thinking chair” and think for a bit.

The picture, taken by JJF Photography, above reminds me of my thinking chair, as I love the water and staring out into the ocean and hiking. I allow any thought that comes to mind – I don’t excuse any of them. In my thinking chair this morning, I thought about what moves me.

  • Why do I wake up each morning?
  • Why do I get out of bed?
  • Why do I always believe today will be better than yesterday?

It was during this thinking that I realized that what I have been doing and what moves me are not the same. What I LOVE to do, I have been doing through volunteer work. What I like to do is what I have been doing for work. There is a disconnect. The volunteer work I do with connecting businesses to one another, connecting people to jobs, helping people believe in themselves, writing, helping businesses find their voice, helping individuals set goals and go after them, and teaching people how to be better communicators and leaders – these are the reasons I breathe. I was born to help people, to connect people with resources, to teach them skills they didn’t think they had. I was born to inspire people, encourage others, and love like I didn’t know I was capable of loving. So why am I doing what I am doing? Why do I continue to walk along this path when I know that my true hike in this life is one that is a few paths over – and a well-defined path at that? Why do I continue to enjoy walking down the rabbit trails when I know my true joy and happiness is over a little way?

What about you? What moves you? What makes you get up each morning? Are you walking on the right path to make that happen daily? I would love to hear from you below or on my Facebook page!


As I see how far I have come, it got me thinking about why we are here. You came to my blog for a reason. You choose whether to like or leave a comment based upon how you are moved from the post. So you know best what you are looking for. Why not ask you some questions while I am doing my planning?

  • What are you looking to learn more of?
  • How can I best serve you?
  • What types of information can I share with you that will help you get the most out of 2019?

There is something about sitting down to write that makes me cover alive. Whether I am writing an article or a blog, I step into another level when I am letting the words flow out of my heart and onto the screen. But I also want to ensure I am helping you get the most out of your days and your years. I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing but to inspire you, help you become most creative, and enjoy the life you are leading. I may not be able to cover every topic and may not have experience with some, but this is where guest posts could come in! As I prepare for 2019, please comment about the subjects you’d like to see more posts about, topics you’d like me to discuss, and resources you would like to be connected to within 2019.

I will take time in December to share about some of the series I have planned for next year as I make a more consistent plan for time at the keyboard. I will also spread the posts so they are regularly posted and you know which days to come on for the things you want to learn more about each month. I know not every post will resonate with every reader, so I will make it easier for you to know which days the posts will apply to what you’re looking for!

Until next time,





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