Chicken and Rice with a Kick – Suggestions Requested

I tried making a new recipe. If you’re up for some experimentation, try making this and share with me what you think I could do to make this spicier for those who want a kick without making it too hot for those who don’t like it. My family loved it but I felt it lacked the kick I wanted it to have.


  • For chicken:
    • Boneless chicken tenderloins
    • Ortega (or your choice) Taco Seasoning
    • Campbell’s Cream of Chicken
    • Campbell’s Cream of Celery
    • 2 cans of water (use soup cans)
    • 2 cups Rice

    For beans:

    • Green pepper
    • Red onion
    • Cilantro


    Pour rice, soups, and taco seasoning into bowl and mix well.

    Dump mixture into plan and add chicken.

    Put green pepper and onion into chopper and chop until it’s a fine consistency.

    Add half of pepper and onion blend to the pan with chicken and soup mix, cover with tin foil, and put into oven at 375 degrees for an hour. Uncover and cook for half hour more or until rice is desired consistency.

    Pour beans into a sauce pan and add in other half of pepper and onion blend.

    Don’t cook the beans until 10 minutes before ready to remove chicken and rice from over. Just cover and let sit on top of stove until ready to cook.

    You can serve the chicken in three ways:

    1. No beans. Just chicken and rice. This is how my youngest ate it.

    2. With a side of beans. This is how my mom ate it.

    3. With beans mixed in and topped with avocado and cilantro. (Sorry for bean juice on plate. Wanted to show all three ways!)

    To make it a complete and balanced dinner, we added salad regardless of how we ate the chicken and rice.

    I didn’t hate it but I felt it needed a kick. Have any thoughts on how I could accomplish this while still honoring the weaker taste buds in the family?

    I look forward to seeing what you share!



    1. I’ve got nothing for you. I’m not much of a cook, but I love to eat, and I love chicken and rice. Thanks for the recipe. There’s a good chance i’ll be trying this one.

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      1. If you try it, I’d love your thoughts. Some of the best experts aren’t the ones who cook the food but the ones who love to eat what’s been cooked! 😉 I may have to accept you can’t make a dish with a kick that isn’t going to be too hot for those who don’t like spice. The family loved this one. I could not feel the kick lol. They all said it was there.


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