A Tween’s Look at Parenting

I asked my daughter for some thoughts on parenting from a tween’s perspective of how parents can help their kids succeed. As I listened to her speak I realized two things: I have a very energetic child and I am not doing a bad job raising her. As a parent we can forget how great a job we are doing because of the daily rush of parenting and getting them ready for school, preparing them for life, and explaining what they are seeing in the media and how to process it.

To record these videos, I asked the question with no prep time and then hit record, so you are getting her candid response.

Let’s hear her thoughts:




I was curious what she meant by punishments, limits, and boundaries so I asked her to record her thoughts on another video about this subject. Note that she gave me much more credit than I deserve and pointed to some things as though I would be editing these videos – but that isn’t my thing so there are no links or flashing words – but go with her on her pointing and maybe someday we will add them in.

Let’s hear her thoughts:


What did you think? Anything that stood out to you?

I have to say I learned some things while listening to her.

  • She appreciates having punishments, limits, and boundaries even though she gets quite upset when they are enforced.
  • Kids learn so much more than we give them credit for.
  • She truly hates cursing. For Christmas, she asked Santa if he could eradicate curse words from human vocabulary and movies because it was affecting her ability to watch some TV shows and movies, and people she loved used too many of them when mad. It’s definitely something in our family that when we are upset we color our descriptions with curse words and it’s something I personally have been searching my heart about because I know it points to a deeper heart issue.
  • I didn’t realize how much she truly does pay attention to politics and keeps up on what is going on. I will have to follow up on that one, as the night Trump was elected she cried herself to sleep thinking she would be taken away the next morning because she is Mexican. I assured her she is okay but sounds like maybe the wall issue has her thinking about this again. I also need to find out if there are some young politician type committees or clubs she can join because she could be a future politician and I want to nurture that if so.

I will explore more about creative punishments and how we instill boundaries in our family. Since my daughter’s mind comprehends things differently from others, I have had to work to come up with boundaries and punishments that help her understand the focus is on the action and the heart behind it versus her as a person. When raising kids who are different and don’t fit societal norms fully, we tend to become frustrated but it really can be a great opportunity to pour into their strengths and teach them constructive thinking. I look forward to sharing more on creativity in parenting and business, as these are two areas of my life I daily operate in!




    1. Thank you so much! She is a clown at times but I love her. I had to laugh at how she loves the camera. She’s so confident and such an individual and I love that. I love that God thought me worthy of another chance at parenting. Between the two girls it didn’t seem like it would happen but here we are and she’s the light of my life here on Earth!

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  1. My son is 34 now, and he is constantly telling me things I had taught him or told him twenty years ago. Kids notice…they internalize our words even when it appears they are bored to death with our parenting….and, like your daughter, he turned our all right as well. Raising a toast to us both, Shell! We didn’t do half-bad, did we? Who says single-parenting is hard? LOL

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    1. We didn’t! It’s not the easiest job in the world but I’d rather do it as a single parent than in a relationship that gives my girls the wrong understanding of love. My oldest lived it for ten years and I dislike my little one not knowing her dad but I’m thankful luck we are in contact with his family and she at least gets that connection. I’m also thankful he isn’t in and out as some parents like to be with their kids. We all choose our paths and I’m thankful mine has been okay for parenting this fireball! She is an amazing kid!


      1. “thankful that” not “thankful luck”! Really I should not type after I get out of my third-shift gig but sometimes I can’t help myself but to chime in! 🤣😂


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