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Dwayne Wade Commercial from Budweiser: Who do you believe in?

Oh my goodness. I am not supporting drinking but this new Budweiser commercial is their best yet. Allllllll the feels guys!!!

Tonight a friend and I wrapped up my book cover. I’m going through the text last time for errors and then it’s ready to be published!! That has me emotional already because I miss blogging!!! But y’all, this commercial is truly phenomenal whether you like beer or not because it has NOTHING to do with beer.

“You believed in me…” Who knows that you believe in them?

See you next week!!



I am a writer and Voice Discovery Coach who desires to help others reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. To do this, I maintain two blogs and have a website to share my professional services. The Essential Creative ( is my main blog. I share recipes, tips for inspiring creative thinking with various oils, parenting thoughts, healthy lifestyles thoughts, Bible Studies and all that goes into excelling creatively with the use of essential oils and faith. I also have a creative writing site ( where I share poetry and creative writing pieces. My website ( is available for those who would like to connect with my coaching services and learn more about voice discovery coaching. I look forward to connecting with you and hope one of these sites will inspire you in the area that caused you to find me today! ~Shell

2 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade Commercial from Budweiser: Who do you believe in?

  1. Best wishes on that book.

    We all want someone to believe in us…we crave it, really. Eight years ago Bev encouraged me to begin the life of a writer. No one else did. In fact, some of my “friends” laughed at the notion. They ain’t laughing now.:)

    1. I’m so happy you did. I remember those beginning days because that’s when I first “met” you. Through Hubpages. That was when I began my writing business full time. I’ve loved seeing how far you’ve come and love reading your posts!! I learn so much from you, especially that I’m not alone in some of my nuances! Thank you for the wishes… I’m done and now just have to do the proof and then it’s ready!

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