Young Living Convention Recap: Introducing the Products

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I wanted to be sure I updated you on the convention and the products that were released this year for Young Living. As always I am thankful for our friends at Young Living Training & Education and Oil Revolution Designs for the images and information.

From body-lovin’ supplements to beauty-enhancing makeup tools, this year’s convention had more new products than Peppermint has benefits! These are the new permanent products that launched at the 2019 International Grand Convention on Wednesday, July 17. These products are available for purchase by U.S. members. There are no purchase limits on these products, and they are not available for Essential Rewards order or point redemption yet. We anticipate these products being available on ER in August but will keep you posted on any changes to that timeline.

You can watch this video to learn more about each of the products as well:








As a note, I will make a separate post about the Nature’s Ulta products after reviewing the WordPress guidelines. If you are looking for information on them, please contact me and we can talk. I will be doing a webinar on them once I educate myself more and talk with some local health professionals. However, they are available to purchase and you will earn PV for them if you are a member.

Essential Oils

—Peace & Calming Roll-On

One of our favorites now available in a roll-on!! The same oil you know and love now ready to apply topically.

Wholesale Price: $34.75

Retail Price: $45.52

PV: 34.75



—Davana essential oil

Davana Essential Oil has a rich, fruity aroma that helps give your day- and your mood- a balancing boost. The Davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is native to Southern India where it is traditionally used by Ayurvedic healers to balance the body and spirit, known to them as the 3 Dochas.

Wholesale Price: $39.75

Retail Price: $52.30

PV: 39.75


For Kids

—Feather the Owl Kids Diffuser

An adorable new, easy to use kids diffuser! Simple and easy to fill. Has lights and white noise functions as well as a lullaby setting! If you have kids, you need this new diffuser!

Wholesale Price: $49.75

Retail Price: $65.46

PV: 24.75


Here’s a cute video about Feather:
And a close up look:

Personal Care

—Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

Start your morning on the bright side with the natural power of Thieves Whitening Toothpaste!! Pure and safe ingredients combine to whiten teeth, fight plaque, support healthy gums and remove stains without damaging enamel. YL’s exclusive formula is fluoride-free and free of other harsh ingredients.

Wholesale Price: $11.50

Retail Price: $15.13

PV: 11.5


Here’s a video with a behind-the-scenes look at the toothpaste:





—CinnaFresh Deodorant

This new deodorant delivers all the benefits of traditional deodorants without any harsh chemical additives! Synthetic ingredients can disturb the skin’s delicate microbiome leaving your skin vulnerable to external and environmental factors. CinnaFresh is clinically shown to help maintain this balance in your microbiome, giving you the protection and confidence you deserve. Just one more way to eliminate chemical-laden products and make the switch to a clean, natural lifestyle.

Wholesale Price: $12.75

Retail Price: $16.78

PV: 9.0


—CitraGuard Deodorant

Face the day with confidence! Unlike many conventional deodorants, CitriGuard is clinically shown to help maintain the skin’s natural microbiome. YL’s formula contains no aluminum, parabens. talc, or alcohol, so you can feel confident every day. Made with Lemongrass, Thyme, and Lemon Oils, you will smell fresh without harsh, chemical perfumes.

Wholesale Price: $12.75

Retail Price: $16.78

PV: 9.0


Here’s a video with the science behind the new deoderant.





Here’s a video with Dr. Lindsey Elmore talking about the new nutritional products:



Support your skin and eyes with the powerful ingredients in IlluminEyes. Featuring lutein and zeaxanthin, this proprietary formula helps reduce eye strain, protects eyes from damaging blue light, and maintains vibrant skin. IlluminEyes can also help support your eye health long-term. Vitamins A and C have properties that may help reduce eye health deterioration commonly related to age.

Wholesale Price: $32.75

Retail Price: $43.09

PV: 32.75











—Olive Essentials

Discover a keystone of the Mediterranean lifestyle with Olive Essentials. Featuring ingredients hand-picked to support your overall well-being and healthy heart, it’s sure to become a staple in your home.

Olive Essentials features hydroxytyrosol from Spanish olives, a naturally occurring compound that contributes to the fruit’s healthy reputation. Each capsule contains as much hydroxytyrosol as a liter of extra virgin olive oil.

Wholesale Price: $32.00

Retail Price: $42.11

PV: 32


Savvy Minerals

—Shadow Essentials Eyeshadow Palettes: Sahara Sunset, Natural Quartz, and Royal Winter

Have you been waiting for a Savvy Minerals pressed eyeshadow? Here it is! Three separate palettes with four colors in each. Enjoy chemical-free makeup that will give you confidence without compromise.

Wholesale Price: $55.00

Retail Price: $72.37

PV: 55









Need some ideas for how to wear the kits? Here you go!

—Dual Lash Brush

A brand new brush for our Savvy Minerals line! Dual end brush for brows and liner.

Wholesale Price: $18.00

Retail Price: $23.68



If you have any questions about the products or would like to order, let’s connect and I will help you. If you are already a member, please go through your current Young Living Representative.


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