Sunday Sermons: Local Pastors – Javier Santos, LifeWater Church Connecticut

I usually share pastors who are probably shared often and are well known to some people. But there are some preachers in our own backyards who are just as good as the nationally known preachers but who aren’t even well known yet within their own communities because they aren’t about promoting themselves or don’t have a team to do so.

This Sunday, let me introduce you to Javier Santos. He is a young, local pastor with a church – LifeWater Church – that just celebrated its first year as a congregation. He is active in the community and believes in sharing the gospel message at face value. You can see his excitement as he shares the Word in Bible Studies and sermons. To my knowledge, he lives up to his words and is truly a man who will ensure you know He walks with Christ.

This sermon is one he did last weekend about understanding your potential and letting God work through you. This seems to have been a theme for messages last week as it was also the topic of Steven Furtick’s message for Elevation.



Do you have a local pastor you would like others to learn about? Share a link to one of his or her videos in the comments below and I will check them out! Tell me why you enjoy their messages and how you see their life line up with what they preach.



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