Sunday Sermons: “It’s Not In Vain” by Pastor YPJ

I’ve played it really safe around here with the sermons I have shared, so this week I am giong to venture O U T of the safety zone and into some territory that will make some of y’all uncomfortable. Since we aren’t here to be comfortable, but to grow in life and creativity, I figure we will all be okay.

I learned of Pastor YPJ when he preached at Relentless Church within the past few months. I may have even shared the message becuase it hit home so deeply for me. This one is one that I found while looking around for a sermon trying to understand some of the things that seem to be taking F O R E V E R to come through. When I heard this one… let me tell you, I cried. One of my dreams is to one day oversea a social services community that provides so much of what is missing today becuase of funding being cut. I desire to be an angel investor and help others grow their businesses from concept through creation and become pheomenal companies that impact change in this world. While I try to put the pieces together for that to happen and get the funding to see my plan become a reality, hearing messages like this keeps me fueled and remembering that my days aren’t over yet.

I heard the saying, “If it’s God’s will, it’s His bill” and it’s helped me to remember that everything I am called to do, I will do. It’s on me to be positioned in the right spot, do what I am called to do in this moment, and keep my eyes and ears open. This was one of the sermons that helped me decide to look for a full-time position with a social services or remote company so I can use the skills I have and gain new ones while growing my coaching business and doing some of my own writing for a change! I’d love to hear what you get from the sermon and what changes you are inspired to make after hearing it.



Why is this one not-so-safe? For those who haven’t been around the church world, Pastor YPJ is not fluffy or watered down or anything but real and in the Spirit. He does some things that those of you who don’t do church, have left the church, or who don’t believe in the Holy Spirit moving today may find weird or wrong. My thoughts? Just as with all the sermons I share, I believe whatever you believe you can find good in everything. Eat the meat, spit out the bone. And sometimes you may just find that the bones contain some meat on them – I won’t judge you if you take them back for more! It’ll stay between us!

Happy Sunday!


    1. I need to remember these words at times, Bill! I am a good overthinker. No, I’m a great overthinker. I can overthink my overthinking. I used to plan like it was a craft – ensuring I had a few paths mapped out. Now I am learning to live in the moment, remembering to get the most from today because it’s what I am promised. Some days I drift back into planner mode when I don’t like where I am… but I am starting to embrace it more and more. I’m good at the showing up… I’ll have to work on the shut up!


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