Takeaways from Fireside Chat with John the Bap

My chat with John the Bap, published last week, motivated me and has me arguing with myself on what to share. I thought when I posted the chat that one of the main takeaways was about using a 9-5 to fund your creative ventures but as I sat and reflected upon it more, I realized that was not the most profound nugget for me in the conversation. All the sessions so far have blown my mind in terms of the information shared and how we’ve been able to talk real talk about the things creatives struggle with often. It’s so important to have these conversations so others know they aren’t alone.

In the conversation, John and I spoke about his beginnings, his favorite song and album that he’s recorded, and what it was like meeting his wife and realizing she was all he’d prayed for a more. There was a LOT discussed but one thing has motivated me so much I’ve completed or implemented ten things from ideas list since speaking with him!

Let’s get to it, shall we?


John the Bap _ question

When John the Bap was hurt in the terrible car accident and all hopes of playing ball were gone, he had to pivot and go where God wanted Him at a time when all his dreams were crushed. He developed a love for rap and started learning new skills and later ran into a friend who he’d play ball with earlier in his career. He told the friend he was rapping and into music and the friend asked him if he was all in. That question coming from the specific friend made John the Bap reflect on his motivation and effort. From that moment forward life changed as far as what John has put into his music and everything else he does.

This story, told within the chat, really got me thinking about my own effort. This year, my word of the year was “Wholehearted”. And boy did I go all in. I gave my all to everything I did this year, including letting people go, diving into my craft, learning about pathways for my goals and desires. But when it came to hearing his question there was one thing that I realized I still hadn’t done: The list.

A little while ago, I wrote out a list of 97 things I wanted to do, ideas I’ve had for my businesses and for various books, and people I wanted to connect with. ( I talked about it a little here.)


At the time I talked with John I had completed maybe 20 of them. Since talking with John, I have made significant progress on 40 of them. I’m almost halfway done moving along with it.

Are you giving it your all?

Are you giving your all to what you do? Are you putting in full effort for your creative ventures like you do for work and for friends? Are you doing all you can to ensure you reach your goals? Or are you leaving things on the table?

These are all questions we have to ask ourselves if we want to truly want to see our dreams become accomplishments. After talking with John, I realized this:



You see, John talked about the various ventures he’s explored and how he is willing to try anything God doesn’t tell him not to. What if we had that kind of faith? What if we all walked out this life unafraid of saying “Yes” to opportunities that come our way that may lead us closer to that life we imagine for ourselves? What if we stopped saying “no” to things because we don’t have the right connections or skills, the right finances or availability? What if we said, “This is something I am interested in and there is an opportunity in front of me, I am going to take it”? How would our lives change?

John’s has changed by him expanding his skill set from basketball player to rapper and producer, Radio Station founder, videographer, photographer, DJ, graphic artist, and so much more. He is a husband and father. He works full time outside of the home. AND HE STILL MAKES IT WORK. That tells me that ANY of us can.


Today or this weekend, take time to listen to the chat and gain wisdom you can apply to your life. Go after those dreams and turn them into accomplishments. Let God, not your fears, be the one to guide you into that life that you don’t feel a need to run from. It’s time, isn’t it?

Check out John and what he’s up to at JohntheBap.com.

Listen to Bap Radio at https://johnthebap.com/bap-radio-live.


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