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Hello! How is everyone? Really, how are you doing?

Over on my website, I wrote a post today about letting yourself go and giving yourself permission to not be okay. I want you to know I see you and hear you and know that this is a hard time for some of you. I also know that many of you are okay because life hasn’t changed other than having fewer people ask for your time outside of the home.

Regardless of which category you’re in, you may be looking for things to do. Many states have moved all education to online learning. For some of us, this is beautiful and works well with our lifestyles (hello to no more waking up at 6 am! Can I get some praise hands?!) and family structures. For others, panic just reached a whole new level because you don’t know how you are going to work AND watch the kids, help them with school work, etc. Since our family has experience with this, I will share some posts over the next few weeks to help you through this period. Take what works and leave the rest.

While I work on those posts for you, here are some already written posts you can find to have some FAMILY FUN!!

I previously create a page with all gift ideas as well. This page includes both the creative gift ideas and DIYs from above that are great for gift giving for “just because” times like these and are fun for the family to create together as well as for kids to do themselves.

My favorite ones the kids can do mostly on their own include:



Also, check out these resources that are available now for kids who are at home:

Here are some good blogs with fun activities and advice we should follow all year but may have more of an impact right now because we are thinking of our finances and job situations, making different decisions about spending, etc. I am not currently an affiliate anywhere so there are no affiliate links on this post.

Looking for new food ideas while spending more time at home? Beauty Beyond Bones, Oily Home Companion, or My Wheels are On Wheels.

If any of you are bloggers who share posts that will help during this time, please share your links below. Also if you have favorite sites helping you through this time, please share those. We can learn from one another.


Totally not the point of this post, but as a bonus for those of you who read this far and may be new to working from home, is the go-to resource in our house for everything work from home. I love their blog and agree with much of what they share. They have some great hacks for those of you struggling to find a new normal during this transition.

If you have specific information you are looking for and are struggling to find, drop me a comment and let me know! I will share any information I have access to so we can all get through this time and beyond.

Stay safe and well,



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