Sunday Spoken Word…on a Thursday & A Look Back at Summer

Breaking “the rules” of posting tonight because I was really convicted by this one after regaining 40 pounds this summer from a lot of fast food and a lack of exercise. I am allowing myself some grace but also know I can do better and that it is an addiction I have to conquer. Here’s a spoken word on a Thursday.

Karness is one of my favorite spoken word poets, only second to Janette…ikz, so it was VERY COOL to see her smiling and enjoying his poem so much. I have been writing a lot in my journal over the summer so tonight I thought it would be fun to transition back into sharing the arts by sharing this poem and a Psalm since what I will share this year will be poetry that has more than feelings within it. I ask a lot of questions and attack some deep subjects that inspired change within myself and others around me this year already.

The BIGGEST Loser by Karness

“If your body is a temple like God says it is and you believe him, then prove it…” That line is so powerful and deep to me. Do I believe God to help me conquer this addiction to fast food and convenience? Keto Day 1 begins again next week as we settle back into our new schedule and see what the new excellence in our household looks like. It worked really well from November to March, when the food stores began running out of everything you eat when on Keto so I had to dial back. Unfortunately the moment I deviated from my strict eating schedule and menu, it was like a free-for-all for my taste buds.

We will see how this journey progresses and you may hear about it, as when I share my journey I stick to it better. Will you be my accountability?


Despite the pandemic, we had a great family-focused summer and prepared for a year of distance learning and family togetherness. It will be a change but we did it many years ago and survived. This time we expect to thrive because we prepared and put systems and plan in place thanks to Darren Hardy, Sandi Krakowski, and Beth Perry, the three coaches who have been mentoring me this year through their courses and programs.

Last month, my youngest daughter went dairy free due to some medical struggles, which has been interesting to deal with during a global pandemic in a state that still hasn’t opened up fully. (We just extended our shut down through February so we’re stuck in Phase I, I believe. Very limited outings and gatherings but not locked down completely.) They finally opened up the farmer’s market, which has been nice for vegetables and fruits. The dairy-free life is definitely one that requires fresh produce. With her being dairy free and me eating a keto diet, it’s about to get fun and creative in the kitchen. If I can remember to pause for pictures, I will share some of the recipes we’ve been testing out over the past weeks to prepare for the Fall and being in a routine again.


Without a steady schedule, we spent a lot of time playing games, hanging out with my nephew and niece, and enjoying our time together as a family. It’s been a different kind of year without so many events and gatherings, but it’s also reminded us why we are here on this earth and what we want to be remembered for. We’ve watched a lot of movies and shows, had a lot of deep conversations, and have seen one another grow in ways we didn’t think the other had within them. That alone was priceless. We had so much fun that I didn’t get very many pictures (just the three shown here!).


I’d love to hear how your Summer was. Drop your thoughts on the poem and share how your Summer was in the comments.


  1. Be tough but loving with yourself, my friend. If it ain’t one addiction, it’s another for we humans. 🙂

    How was our summer? Fine! We really haven’t been affected by this whole pandemic thing, a strange thing to write, for sure, but the truth. Bev continues to work, I continue to do my introverted writing thing, and our lifestyle just keeps on keeping on. Color us lucky!

    Sending you hugs from Olympia!

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