What Makes You Different and Weird Could be Your Legacy

Why is it that we are so afraid to stand out, to stand alone, to stand up? We’ve been conditioned since childhood to be quiet and to go with flow despite this being one of the most dangerous principles we can train others to live by. It is the pioneers and innovators who bring change and created this world we live in.

Imperfect? Yes. Better than it was 2020 years ago? Absolutely.

We communicate via mini computers we hold within our hands while standing in line at a store or watching television with our family. We type on PCs that allow data to travel globally in seconds. We do these things thanks to individuals who stood up and shared an idea and then created a team to develop the idea into a prototype and then a product and later execute those ideas to what we hold in our hands or sit at to work.

What is within you that our future generations will talk about or use? What part of history are you willing to change for future generations? What are you willing to stand out for so you can create change that will live on long beyond your lifespan?

I’m a Christian… if you’ve been around you know I struggle to say that some days because of what it has come to mean in this country. It pains me to see that the name of a person who follows the teachings of Christ has come to be associated with closed-minded, hateful individuals who contradict their messages by wanting to protect fetuses while shouting for homeless and lower income people to be brushed aside in the name of capitalism and economic freedom. What about standing up for ALL life at every stage from conception through death?! We’ve become known for judging addicts while praising adulterers every Sunday as we exalt pastors living double lives, or live them ourselves. That’s NOT what the word means!! Those are views held and actions committed by a few. Those are positions held by some broken individuals who are healing like the rest of us.

No, what “Christian” means is someone who is doing their best to live life like Christ did, changing all He came into contact with. Maybe that means something powerful and maybe that means something that seems minor. It’s about accepting forgiveness and moving forward knowing we are loved, cherished, and valued by the God who created the universe.

But most don’t see it that way anymore because we’ve tarnished His name and we’ve made Him into a dictator in the sky who is just waiting for people to mess up so He can cast them into eternal damnation. And this breaks my heart.

Through my life, my goal is to change the way people see Christians and the way they see themselves. Using my strength of speaking up for what I believe in and not being afraid to be different, I want to show us all that we are not labels or walking advertisements but humans with a purpose and passion. We are all beating hearts surrounded by bones and skin experiencing a temporary life. There isn’t time to hate and argue at the level we do. There IS time to share what makes us passionate and inspire others to become what they once thought impossible. There IS time to live lives worthy of future generations and the death Jesus paid on the cross so we could have air in our lungs during this lifetime and eternity! There IS time to turn all your pain into a platform of praise that brings others to new heights because of your willingness to endure AND thrive through the pain and trial.

Whether you believe as I do or you believe that Jesus was just a historical figure with no power, we can agree that He didn’t hate during his time here. He loved even those who crucified and denied Him. He gave us an example of love that cannot be touched yet we can totally aspire to match! By honoring that example, we can and will change the world one life at a time. We can stand out and bring about change in the world that will live long beyond our presence.

Will you identify your mission and purpose clearly and ensure your strengths are so you can live a life of legacy and not just one of recycled air? If so, leave a comment below so I can pray for you. If you have a blog or website, leave the link with your comment so I can stop by over the next few months to learn more about you!

Let’s all rise. Let’s be different and weird and let’s use those strengths to change the world and leave a legacy beyond our wildest dreams!

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