How to Use Essential Oils in Your Garden

This year has been a bit brutal here in New England for gardening. How’s it been where you are?

We bought some seeds this year from Seeds for Generations that have surpassed expectations for crops, especially the lettuce and dill, which have been plentiful! I’ve even started putting fresh dill on my sandwiches, burgers, and, well, pretty much on everything. The taste, quality, and abundance of crops have surpassed our expectations. We will definitely be shopping with them again.

As I thought about all we’ve had to do to keep the garden going strong this year, I started to look around the graphics our design team has been working on. I was quite excited when I saw that both they had recently created some gardening graphics and photos! For your education and enjoyment, here is information about using essential oils and essential-oil-based products in your garden.

If you blog about gardening, be sure to share a link to your blog in the comments. I’d love to stop by and read, as we are about to replant some of our veggies to see if we have luck later in the season with the ones that didn’t take because we planted too early.

If you would like to order any oils, visit or read this post. Through 7/31, Young Living is generously offering a 10% discount on all orders (Use Code July10 at checkout). They also recently redid their structure so you no longer have to order kits to start enjoying the same 24% discount we receive! Just order 100 PV in products OR subscribe to at least one item via their new Subscribe to Save option.

Looking for Additional Essential Oil Product Information?

See these posts to learn more about using Young Living products in your every day life. The previous month’s promotions (now called gifts) are still showing because the graphics provide good information about how to use them.


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