Tips for Making an Awesome, Budget-Friendly Dorm Room (Guest Post by Laura Pearson)

Your dorm room will be a home away from home. In fact, you’ll spend many hours there eating, sleeping, studying, and hanging out with friends. Although smaller than most rooms, it will hold a large place in your memories. It’s worth it to make the space your own.

It’s possible to have a fun and functional dorm room while sticking to a budget. Here are some ways to spice up the space without breaking the bank, presented by guest blogger Laura Pearson, who has quickly become family here at The Essential Creative.

Photo in graphic by Robert Bye on Unsplash

How to Go Big and Save Big

There are some basic necessities you’ll need and others you’ll want to make your dorm room feel like home. While you can’t get by without spending some money, you can save big on most purchases. For almost every item you will need, there is a sale or promo code out there. Don’t make any purchases online without first searching for coupons or discounts.

Brighten Up the Walls

Empty dorm room walls can make the room look almost clinical. Add pictures of your loved ones to decorate the walls. You can either tape them directly to the walls, put them in an attractive picture frame, or use string to hang them. All of the latter options are inexpensive ways to make the room more personal. Posters are also a great way to personalize the space and add some color; for example, you can add posters of art, movies, music, or travel. It’s all about your personal tastes, interests, and what will bring you daily joy to look at. These might seem like minor additions, but they’re the things that can make the space your own.

Make the Floors Cozy

Whether you have carpet or tile, the room will be warmer and more inviting if you add a rug. Whether you enjoy a fuzzy rug, a thin rug, or a jute rug, there are affordable options available to you. The added benefit of a rug is that it adds a great place to sit while studying or hanging out.

Get Some Comfortable Furniture

Making sure you have the right furniture for your dorm room is also important; having a nice desk or a cozy chair will help make the space feel more relaxing. Of course, purchasing furniture frequently takes a lot of money, which is probably in short supply right about now. Instead of springing for a pricey new piece of furniture, consider buying used furniture and hiring a furniture cleaning company to bring that sofa or recliner back to life. Remember to check the cleaner’s reputation and reviews online before agreeing to hire them.

For the Rumbly in Your Tummy

No dorm room is truly complete without a mini-fridge. All those late-night study sessions and between-class breaks require snacks. A fridge gives you the capability to have cool drinks and fresh food. Instead of only eating junk food, a fridge offers you the capability of having cheeses, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Dorm room fridges aren’t very expensive, and they are an investment in your health all year long.

Shed a Little Light

More times than not, dorm rooms come equipped with overhead lighting and not much else. Installing some additional lighting to the room will not only brighten the space but will also be less harsh than fluorescent overhead lights. Add a desk lamp and a floor lamp to the room. Consider adding string lights above windows and above your bed for those movie nights and study sessions. For very little money, string lights can change the whole ambiance.

Snug as a Bug

A good night’s rest is imperative for a working brain. The more comfortable your bed is, the better sleep you will get. You can purchase some great mattress toppers, wonderful pillows, soft sheets, and the perfect comforter online for some great deals. Again, look for those promo codes and coupons to help fit these items into your budget.

Dorm room living is a fun and unique experience. Getting the right essentials and making the space your own will take your experience to the next level. With all that you need to get to make the dorm your home, the bill can add up quickly. So, to offset the price tag, search for coupons, promo codes, and cashback options before you shop.

About Laura

Laura is passionate about teaching and loves writing to help teachers, parents, and students. She is passionate in advocating that learning should be fun and should not just be confined in the classroom. Edutude is her brainchild to be able to share free resources for teachers and parents. She regularly blogs for us here at The Essential Creative and has an open invitation to share her ideas and resources with you!

Read more from Laura here.

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