Back to School Survival Guide – Essential Oil Edition

It’s that time of year again, so let’s readdress some ideas for getting through this school year. If you’re in parts of the country where kids are going back for the first time in more than a year and a half, see the end of the post for some tips from my family. My daughter hasn’t stepped foot in school since March 2020. We are a nice mix of excited and a bit cautious since they still have to wear masks and won’t have a full sense of “normalcy” in attending just yet. (Thank God we got to have a normal cheer season so far!)

The following pictures were meant to be shared as a class. Since most of you enjoy reading at your own pace due to demanding schedules, I’ve shared them here for you to read at your own leisure. (They are HUGE, but most of you seem to read from a computer so I cater to that audience. I hope they aren’t too obnoxiously sized for the phone!)

Heading Back for the First Time Since March 2020? Try these tips.

  • Each morning, start the day with some Peppermint (as long as there is no one with epilepsy in the house) and Lemon. This gets the brain moving in wonderful way! It creates a beautiful atmosphere with energy and smells amazing.
  • Say a prayer together before you child leaves for school or while on the way to school if you’re driving them. Show them that their education is important to you and that you understand the stress they are under as they return to a classroom filled with kids but in a new way.
  • Be sure to open up space for conversation. Diffuse Stress Away when they get home from school and talk about how the day was. Give them time to open up.
  • As they do their homework, as long as no one has epilepsy diffuse a mix of equal drops Rosemary, Lemon, and Cedarwood (or Lavender, whichever one doesn’t make your kid sleepy!*). This smells great as you cook dinner too!
  • Have them join in with dinner prep, not just the clean up part. This helps them do something creative while also enjoying time with you. Download fun recipes, try new things, and explore taste options. Give them chances to prepare a menu with you for the week.
  • Create a solid bed time routine that includes the appropriate amount of sleep for their age group.
  • Before bed, give them Unwind to help them calm their mind and prepare for the next day. Pray with them and write in a gratitude journal three things they liked about the day and one thing they would like to improve the next day.
  • During sleep, diffuse a mix of one drop each of Dorada Azul, Tsuga, Clove, Thieves, and Idaho Blue Spruce.
  • In general, be sure they know who they can talk to at school, how they can get a hold of you during the day if they start to feel anxious, and some tips for calming their anxiety while in school before exercising those options.
  • For mom and dad, if you are feeling some type of way, this article from Psychology Today was helpful for me in understanding how to deal with my feelings when we had to make the decision whether to return or stay home last year. While we opted to stay home, the things we learned were what ultimately led to my daughter having the courage and strength to resume cheer this summer, which we BOTH needed and wanted. It’s nice to see her with other kids and having fun again!

Side Note for Those Interested in Buying Essential Oils

One of the cool features about Young Living’s new way of shopping is that we can work together to put together ANY package that works for you. You no longer have to choose between building a business or buying products, because now you get the discount just by subscribing to one product (Thieves monthly anyone??) or by order at least 100 PV in products. It’s wonderful and makes me feel even better about sharing the oils and products that have helped me family become mostly toxin-free in our home cleaning, beauty, and life in general. If you have been curious but haven’t known where to begin, let’s talk!

If you’d like to purchase any of the products noted above:

  • You can visit my site’s features bundle to pick up most of the oils in the following slides as a Back to School Goodies Bundle, which will entitle you to one year of 24% savings off Young Living Products.
  • You can shop at your own pace and order just the ones you want by visiting, or visiting my Young Living link for a searchable set of features.

As a note, if you visit either of the links above, I will receive a small commission from your order since I am a Young Living Brand Partner. They now have customers who just shop, no commitment required (but you can unlock 24% savings by ordering at least 100 PV or subscribing to one item), and brand partners, who make a commitment to share the products and treat it like a business.

Interested in more back to school posts?

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