Creative Writing – Poetry – When the Silence is Deafening

Tonight I was inspired to write and reflect upon a blog post written by someone I follow. I shared the post over on my Creative Writing & Poetry blog.

You can see the reflection here.

OolaField.pngAs I was reading, I was wearing Oola Field and Highest Potential. These are two of my favorite oils when I am reading blogs and trying to create space for my mind to take in other voices and digest what they have to say while staying true to my own voice in my writing.

Today has been a pretty mellow day of thoughts and rest but reading the blog posts really got me into reflection mode more deeply than I’d already been. This is why I love these oils, as they help me to connect with the writer within me and use my voice, reflect, and reach new heights as a creative.Highest Potential

From time to time, I will share the thoughts and creative writing by linking to the blogs where I keep those types of posts, since it shows the actual products I create versus just telling you about them.


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