Creative Gift Idea #3: Blessings Book

I’m back with another idea on how you can bless a friend or loved one this holiday season (though the gift ideas work all year round). Have fun and enjoy the process of creating something from your heart not just purchasing a gift with your wallet.

A blessing book is a scrapbook that shares all the wonderful qualities and traits you are blessed by from someone and speaks life to them through sentiments, quotes, prayers, and whatever else strikes your creative spirit.


What You Will Need

  • Scrapbook
  • At least 10 page holders
  • At least 10 scrapbook page sheets – you can do white backgrounds or the colorful ones. It’s up to your design.
  • Photos / quotes
  • Stickers and embellishments
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Picture holder dots or tabs
  • Any other kind of material you’d put on your page. Can be items from around house, ribbon, etc.

What You Will Do

Design each page around a quality that person has that you enjoy. Below are some examples from my daughter’s book that I gave her when she turned 13.

The idea is to highlight qualities, share quotes, and express sentiments that will encourage the individual receiving the book. Take your time and enjoy the process, so you can truly share your heart with the individual.

Opening PageGodsGift.jpgBeSomeoneYouAdmire.jpgLoveChristian Character.jpgDrawingDress upFunnyFaces


You can also do multipage spreads that revolve around the same theme.

These books take hours to do, so leave yourself time. Crank up the music, turn on the diffuser with some Brain Power, Magnify Your Purpose, or Oola Fun and enjoy yourself!


  1. Your daughter must have felt really blessed by this scrapbook. It is such a unique, caring and creative idea. Thank you so much for sharing these journal/scrapbook ideas. I hope I can produce something as beautiful and meaningful for my loved ones.

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