Giving Yourself the Same Grace You Give Others

This summer, I listened to a sermon series that Transformation Church did on grace. It was a powerful series that led me to confront my thoughts on grace toward others. As I came to terms with how I felt and made some necessary changes, I started to realize how little grace I have with myself. I realized that I don’t give myself a lot of room for failure or excuses. I tend to be my worst enemy at times and really hard of myself about things I would allow others grace with, like forgetting to follow up with someone (why do I feel like my phone only works if I am making the plans?) or misplacing a card I was supposed to mail (am I the only one who can’t seem to remember where I place things when not in the office?). As such, I started to adjust how I react to myself when I don’t do what I’d like to do or misplace something.

As I have been wrapping up my goals and strategy for 2019, I came across this post I wrote back in 2012 on a blog I sunset recently. As I read it, I realized how far I have come in giving myself grace. This year I lost 25 pounds, which is short of my goal but a great accomplishment given my schedule and lifestyle. I have been able to keep it off and I have lost it steadily through healthier choices. In the past, I would have been really hard on myself for not reaching my goal and for not doing more to lose more than 2 pounds a month on average. I would have downed myself for what I didn’t do. But this year, I am celebrating that I made progress and giving myself the same grace I would give a friend who wanted to lose a certain amount of weight but instead lost less.

How about you? Do you find it harder to give yourself grace than it is to give grace to others? How do you change your mindset and realize there are times when you need to allow yourself some flexibility and change? Comment below, as I’d love to hear what you have to say.


If you’re interested in listening to a sermon series on Grace that isn’t from your typical perspective, you can watch it below.




    1. I am determined to, Bill! I am proud of how I’ve handled the shortcoming this year and instead understood the bottom line: I made progress. And that is the goal every day so I need to celebrate not be down on myself! Being able to look at it this way feels better too. I am encouraged to set new goals versus discouraged. It’s been a very different goal setting session this year! Happy New Year!!


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