Makeup Ditch & Switch: 8 Reasons to Switch to Savvy Minerals & Overview of 10 Steps to a Savvy Face

Moving forward Saturdays are going to be solely for essential oil (specifically Young Living) education and training, as these are longer posts that contain tips on ditching chemically laden items in your house for plant-based and essential-oil infused products, how to use the products, and how to enjoy the products to their fullest potential.Thanks for the pass last week as I prepared for Christmas.

Today’s series will be continuing our discussion on makeup and skin care. I will share more educational material than I normally share, but I think this is super important subject for those of use who have skin and wear makeup! 🙂

When we want to live healthier, we typically think about what we put in our bodies, but what we put on our bodies is just as important! Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s like a sponge! Body washes, lotions, deodorants, and cosmetics that you slather on your skin get absorbed into your body. If your makeup is filled with toxins such as lead, parabens, bismuth, endocrine-disrupting phthalates, and other harsh chemicals, they can also get absorbed into your body! Yuck! When we remove this from our bodies, we begin to think more clearly and feel more energetic, which allows us to unleash our creative genius.

8 Reasons to Switch to Savvy Minerals by Young Living® Makeup

1. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is formulated with clean ingredients and no fillers. Many mineral makeup lines contain minerals, which are good, but still contains fillers like talc that have been shown to be carcinogenic. Many of the chemicals used in commercial makeup lines are harmful to the endocrine system. Savvy Minerals by Young Living products are formulated without bismuth, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances. Our mineral powders contain minerals, aspen bark extract, and kaolin clay to provide smooth and polished skin without harmful ingredients.

2. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is great for sensitive skin. Because our mineral makeup is formulated without harsh chemicals ingredients, it won’t irritate your skin like chemical-laden cosmetics. This makes Savvy Minerals by Young Living perfect for all ages, from teens to golden years.

3. Savvy Minerals by Young Living mineral makeup is made with non-nanoparticle minerals. This means the minerals are not small enough to get into your cells and bloodstream where they can potentially cause damage. Any mineral, or any substance, can be potentially dangerous if it is a nanoparticle. A nanoparticle is a microscopic particle with sizes ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. They are so tiny that about 100,000 nanoparticles would fit in the width of a human hair! Because of the extremely small size of these particles, their properties can be very different from the properties of larger particles of the same material. For example, nanoparticles are generally more reactive than standard-sized particles. This high level of reactivity may make nanoparticles unpredictable in living things. They are not only very reactive, but they are also so small that they can pass through cell membranes and even enter the bloodstream.

4. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is cruelty-free. It’s not just about our physical health and good looks, Savvy Minerals by Young Living is better for our animal friends! Our makeup is not tested on animals, and all of the products have vegetarian or vegan-friendly formulas! In fact, all Savvy Minerals by Young Living products have a vegan formula except for the lipsticks that contain beeswax.

5. Savvy Minerals by Young Living provides all-day, long lasting coverage. Mineral makeup binds to oil while conventional liquid makeup binds to water. Our mineral formulas allow the minerals to bind to the oil in your skin and give you natural, all-day coverage.

6. Savvy Minerals by Young Living provides easy application. How many of you have heard, “I like the idea of mineral makeup, but it’s too hard to apply.” If you think it’s hard, you’re applying it the wrong way! Using the Savvy Minerals Misting Spray, a foundation brush, and applying minerals to a freshly primed face makes a huge difference in coverage. The Misting Spray is not meant to be a setting spray, it was designed to lightly wet your brush so it can pick up minerals easier, prevent mineral fall out, and ensure a smooth application. Before you apply your minerals, priming your face with our Hydrating or Mattifying Primers will help the minerals bind to your face and last longer. We will talk all about these steps later.

7. Savvy Minerals by Young Living provides a buildable look. Our mineral makeup is perfect for when you have five minutes and are going for a natural look or when you have more time and want a bold, dramatic look. The minerals layer and build on each other, so it’s great for a natural, dramatic, or anything in between look. You can layer eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, and foundation as dark or light as you want.

8. Savvy Minerals by Young Living provides great versatility. Mix and match your products! Minerals are so versatile that you can mix and match products, as well as blend your colors together! Dark No. 2 foundation makes a great contour; Crushin’ and Spoiled eyeshadow shades looks great as blush; and Residual eyeshadow shade can be used as a highlighter! You can apply your makeup wet, also known as foiling, and get a totally different color compared to when you apply the same color dry! Make a tinted moisturizer by mixing foundation with your moisturizer. Mix a bronzer with lotion for sun-kissed legs. Use MultiTasker as a root coverup. The options are endless with more tips to come later in the class!

Each Savvy Minerals by Young Living product is created with quality, purity, and safety in mind, so you can feel great about what you are putting on your face and your look. And while we are talking about feeling great, we understand that knowing what mineral make-up product to apply when can sometime be confusing! We are breaking down application and making it simple with this post and throughout the series!




This graphic demonstrates the quick and easy application of Savvy Minerals in 10 easy steps! Everyone applies Savvy Minerals slightly different depending on what works best for them, so we encourage you to find an order that works best for you! You don’t have to apply a full face every time you wear make-up, you may only use a few steps and that’s OK! You can do whatever makes you feel beautiful!

Ten Steps to a Full Savvy Face

1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize – Make sure to apply make-up on a clean face! Skin care matters!

2. Primer – A primer helps prepare the skin for makeup application by helping reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles. It also helps foundation adhere to the skin resulting in less foundation used and better overall coverage. Wait a few minutes for your primer to soak into your skin before applying foundation.

3. Spray your brushes with misting spray – The misting spray is used on your brushes to help the foundation apply evenly, NOT as post-application setting spray.

4. Foundation – Apply your foundation.

5. Contour– Helps to add dimension and definition to your natural face shape.

6. Blush – Adds color to your cheeks.

7. Veil – Use Veil to highlight the high points on your face or as the final step to blend your face!

8. Brows – Fill in your eyebrows with one of the multitasker shades or a Dark foundation shade.

9. Eyes – This includes your preference of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

10. Lips – Apply your favorite Lip Gloss or Lip Stick shade!

As we continue this series, we are going to break down each of these 10 steps to give you tips and tricks for application, ingredient knowledge, and product education. We already talked about Step 1 in this post two weeks ago. Buckle up and get ready for 2 – 10 in the next post! It’s going to be a fun ride! See you at 12 pm.


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