Makeup Ditch & Switch: 10 Steps to a Savvy Face (Steps 2 – 3)

Continuing this morning’s post, let’s talk about steps 2 and 3 of a full Savvy face. Remember, we covered Step 1 in this post two weeks ago when we talked about skin care routines and the elements of our life that affect our skin (7 Tips for Enhancing Creativity By Considering Beauty from the Inside Out).

Step 2: Primer

What is a makeup primer? Why should you use one? Let’s answer these questions with a little metaphor.
Have you ever painted a room in your home? If you did your research, you probably prepped the wall by using a primer, unless your paint was premixed with a primer included. Primers are applied BEFORE you paint; and in general, they help to better the adhesion of paint, can increase paint durability, and provide protection to whatever material you’re painting.
Makeup primers work the same way—they are meant to prep your skin for a better, smoother application and to enhance makeup longevity. The problem is, many commercial makeup primers contain ingredients that are heavy and not breathable. This leads to clogged pores and an increase in breakouts. Sure, these products are creating an even, smooth canvas for makeup application, but at what expense?
With Savvy Minerals by Young Living Primers, you don’t have to worry about putting any harsh chemicals on your skin or clogged pores. Both primers are non-comedogenic. When used correctly, primers will absolutely enhance your experience when using Savvy Minerals. Primers are applied after your skin care routine (cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize) but before you apply makeup to help prep your skin for foundation application.
Young Living launched both a Mattifying Primer and a Hydrating Primer. So how do you know which one you should use? Let’s learn all about these two amazing products.


mattifyingprimerMattifying Primer

The Mattifying Primer is specifically formulated to help mattify oil and control shine. If you tend to have oily skin or live in humid areas, this primer is for you! The oils used in our Maximum Strength Acne Treatment are also used in our Mattifying Primer. Tea Tree essential oil cleanses the skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes, and Manuka essential oil supports the appearance of healthy-looking skin and reduces the look of blemishes. The Mattifying Primer will also minimize the look of pores and fine lines, blur and smooth lines, and extend the wear of your Savvy Minerals foundation. It is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores), contains non-nano ingredients, and is 100 percent plant based.

The Mattifying Primer has additional awesome ingredients. One is called “cap/cap” or caprylic/capric triglyceride, which comes from palm oil or palm kernel oil. This ingredient helps enhance the delivery of active ingredients and acts as a carrier oil for the essential oils. It also mimics the oils on your face, which is important because it is more easily recognized and properly used by your body. The mix of fatty acids in cap/cap is similar to the fatty acids that your skin naturally contains, which makes it recognizable and helps your skin avoid moisture loss. Cap/cap feels lightweight, unlike synthetic ingredients that create a barrier or coating that trap bacteria and dirt, while also preventing the skin from performing its natural behaviors. The Mattifying Primer contains shea butter, which hydrates, nourishes, and conditions the skin.

  • Mattifies shine and helps with oil control
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Smooths the look of your skin and evens out skin tone
  • Creates a smooth surface for foundation application and allows foundation to glide on easily
  • Helps prolong your makeup application and keeps it in place
  • Reduces shine
  • Minimizes the look of fine lines and pores and the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Infused with Manuka, Frankincense, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Geranium, and Lavender essential oil

hydratingprimerHydrating Primer

The Hydrating Primer is formulated for individuals with dry skin. It hydrates and moisturizes, smooths and conditions, and helps prolong the wear of makeup. It contains coconut oil and shea butter for added moisturization, as well as Geranium, Bergamot (furocoumarin-free), Copaiba, Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Orange, Lavender, Lime, Sage, Ocotea, and Rose essential oils. This same essential oil blend is used in the Misting Spray.

One of the unique ingredients in the Hydrating Primer is coconut alkanes, which are derived from coconuts. This ingredient is used as a natural silicon replacement. Many commercial primers use silicon as a base because of its smooth texture, but it can cause breakouts because of its inability to let the skin breathe. Coconut alkanes are unique because they deliver hydration without having a greasy feel. They also mimic your skin’s natural oils, which is easier for your body to recognize and properly use. Coconut alkanes are also a natural humectant, meaning they help reduce the loss of moisture by preserving and drawing moisture to the skin.

  • Smooths and conditions the skin
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Prolongs the wear of makeup while keeping it in place
  • Minimizes the look of pores
  • Enhances the look of makeup
  • Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and fine lines
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Formulated with non-nano ingredients
  • Key ingredients include: Coconut oil, shea butter, and many skin supporting essential oils


Step 3: Misting Spray

2 Misting Spray

Savvy Minerals by Young Living Misting Spray helps with mineral powder application. It is not meant to be used as setting spray, but as a way to moisten an applicator brush before applying powder for even, thorough, and silky coverage.
The Misting Spray helps the minerals stay on the tip of your brush for a cleaner, smoother application. It helps prevent fallout, and helps you get the most of out of your product. The more wet you apply your foundation, the thicker coverage you will get. Blend more foundation layers for more coverage.
Spray 2–3 pumps of Misting Spray onto your brush and gently wipe off any excess moisture. Pick up mineral makeup using the brush. Apply mineral makeup to your face in desired area and reapply as needed. We’ll get more into application techniques later in the class!
Tip – for a concealer, try wetting your concealer brush with at least 2 sprays of Misting Spray. Pick up some foundation from your lid and use apply where needed.

What’s in the Misting Spray?

Made with pure essential oils, trace minerals, and entirely plant-based ingredients, our Misting Spray gives you more thorough foundation coverage, all while nourishing and freshening your skin.
  • Made with 100 percent naturally derived, plant-based ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Nourishes the skin with pure essential oils: Geranium, Bergamot, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Black spruce, Orange, Lavender, Lime, Vanilla, Sage, Ocotea, Rose
  • Soothes and refreshes skin
  • Formulated without alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants



In order to get the best results and to apply your makeup most effectively, you need high quality makeup brushes. Our Essential Brush Set gives you everything you need to get started on your Savvy Journey. Each soft brush is made from high-quality synthetic fibers that are designed to hold the optimal amount of product and provide easy makeup application and a luxurious feel.

If you think you can apply your foundation with any brush you have in your cabinet, you are wrong! The right foundation brush is crucial for applying mineral make-up. The Savvy Minerals Foundation Brush has bristles that are close together to prevent minerals from falling into the bristles. The brush also has a flat head so you can easily transfer the foundation from your lid to your face without it falling everywhere.

All the Savvy Minerals brushes are made in Italy and the soft, high-quality fibers are not tested on animals. This set comes with 5 brushes that are all labeled so you will never get confused about what brush you should use with which product. The beautiful carrying case fits each brush perfectly, with room to expand your brush collection.

The Essential Brush Set contains:

  • Foundation brush: Use to apply your foundation
  • Blush brush: Use to apply blush or bronzer
  • Veil brush: Use to apply veil finishing powder
  • Eyeshadow brush: Use to apply eyeshadow
  • Blending brush: Use to blend eyeshadow
  • Carrying case: Use to store your brushes and other makeup product

Young Living also has several other brushes that you can buy separately depending on your make-up needs. These brushes are also labeled for specific function.

  • Contour brush: Use to blend your contour and foundation
  • Bronzer brush: Use to apply bronzer or very defined contour
  • Double-sided Eyeliner brush: Use to apply eyeliner or to fill in your eyebrows- we recommend everyone gets this brush!
  • Eyebrow brush: Use to brush out eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Concealer brush: Use to add precise coverage to desired areas

Be sure to proper care for your brushes by washing them frequently. It is recommended to wash your makeup brushes at least every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you use them. To wash, wet the bristles under running water, angling them down. Avoid getting water on the handle of the brush, which can loosen the bristles over time. Gently massage a mild soap (we love the Lavender Hand Soap, or the Lavender Shampoo) into the bristles, rinse, and repeat until water runs clear. Squeeze excess water out and lay flat to dry.

The Savvy Minerals brushes will take your experience with Savvy to the next level. Start with the Essential Brush Set and add to your collection over time.

Go grab a water or coffee, enjoy your break, and come back at 4:00 PM ET ready to learn about steps 4 through 7 (foundation, contour, blush, and Veil).





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