Sunday Sermons: “The Year of Perspective” by Toure Roberts

In this sermon, Toure Roberts shares his heart for 2019 and how God is going to give us a new perspective that helps us understand 2018 (is it just me or was it pretty awful?) and walk away ready for a great 2019. I struggled to choose between this one and “Pruned to Prosper“, which he did 1/6/19, so if you have time to watch both, you may just need someone to keep you from running around your neighborhood fired up and ready for the year!

While most of the sermons I share will have elements in the that non-believers can glean from and enjoy, as I like to show that just because we believe differently doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy listening to or watching similar material. I learned so much when I wantched a call to prayer with a Muslim friend of mine and he explained what was being said and why it was done. We then looked at the Bible and Qoran from our perspectives and had a great conversation on the differences and similarities. For this sermon, I felt strongly to share it despite it not having a lot that a nonbeliever would be able to walk away with becuase it is speaking specifically to people of faith who were at a New Year’s Eve service. If you are a non-believer and you listen, I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about what you gain from the message becuase maybe I am wrong that you wouldn’t learn something that isn’t totally Christian.



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