Gift Idea: Connection Jar (Button Jar)

In yesterday’s post, I shared how I created a scrapbook for my friend’s wedding and gave it to her along with some other thoughtful gifts. One of those gifts was a Connection Jar (Button Jar). I know this is off topic for today because it’s a gift, but since it helps create stronger relationships and can create inside jokes, I think it isn’t a huge stretch for relationship day! [Big smile]


Connection Jar



  • buttons
  • jar
  • metallic pens
  • (Chalkboard stickers if you don’t buy a jar with chalkboard sticker on it already)
  • spool of thread
  • needle
  • print out included at end of this post (or you can write it on your own paper)
  • Any other small items that will give a personal touch to the gift



(Note: For the buttons, you can choose whether to purchase them separately and pick them out in specific design, or you can go to your local Dollar Tree or that type of store and get a jar of buttons. We have them in both multi-color and all black in the picture above, but you only need one jar of buttons if you buy the jar.)


This is as easy as it looks! Dump the buttons into the jar, add the thread and needle, and then write the couple’s initials and the words “Connection Jar” on the outside of the jar.

Print out the description below or write it (or something in your own words) out and include it with the jar.


You can then put the jar into a crate or gift bag; your choice on how you present it.

To show you the finished gift and one way we would present it, my daughter painted a crate and a wooden pineapple we purchased at a local store. We printed out the description below–which we pasted onto cardstock for durability–and two each of some goodies that we love in our family: Reese’s, Twix, NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro.





I’ve included two versions of the description for you to choose from. One is for a gift for others connecting with one another (such as a wedding or holiday gift for a couple or family) and one is for a gift you give to someone from yourself. Save the image and then print it out without the “fit in frame” box checked and as a 4×6 for best display.


Connecting with You

Connect with Me


Others Connecting with Each Other

Connect with Others



If you make a Connection Jar, leave a comment below with how you used your jar or how your friends / family members enjoyed it. My daughter and I came up with this idea while thinking of creative gifts to give our friend for her wedding and have been eager to do one for ourselves as well. As I put my creative hat on, I may get more creative on the description print out wording (I used different wording for my friend’s attachment). Feel free to change the wording and have fun with it.


NOTE: The copyright above can be cut off from print outs; it’s just for sharing on the web that the copyright should remain.


Connection Jar Pin



    1. Thanks so much Bill! Ali and I have been thinking of other fun variations, such as Dice, for friends to give one another. I love the end of the year because we start creating new gifts for the holiday and the following year!


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