Fireside Chat with John the Bap: When Your 9-5 Funds Creativity

Last week, I launched the Fireside Chat series. I am so excited about this idea that has come together in a way I never could have expected. I’m learning a lot about people I already know, am meeting some new folks, and am enjoying the conversations we have. While I have prepared questions ready to go, I love when we get to go off script and talk about things that are on our hearts.

In today’s fireside chat, I sit with John Burgess, AKA John the Bap. John is a father and husband; music, video, and television producer; photographer; DJ; rapper; songwriter; graphic designer, and so much more…  Listing his talents and talking with him about how he decides which to pursue helped me feel less judgmental about myself and being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. John is the first of folks who identify with multiple talents publicly that I will be interviewing, though many of the people I interview have multiple passions and skills. For those of you who have been told you have to focus on one thing, hit play now and listen to what John shares so you can be free from that prison!

John and I discuss his history, using your gifts and talents while you’re still single, picking up the pieces after a tragic event, and how he has developed his relationship with Christ. It was really interesting to hear John talk about his love for evangelism and ensuring he does it authentically in a way that attracts and doesn’t repel. We discussed his music as well as what it’s like to work a 9-5 to fund your creative passions. This is a reality for many creatives and it’s time that people stop feeling bad about the fact that they have to sometimes work doing something they don’t LOVE so they can fund the ability to do what they would do for free (and often do!).

Speaking of free, BapRadio is a free app you can download and listen to at any time. You can also listen online at I am not sure we mentioned that in the discussion. Go today and listen to the station and share it with your friends and family.

Enough of me typing… there was so much we discussed! On to the chat!

If you don’t have time to listen today to the 50-minute interview, click on the title and save it to watch later. If you like what you hear, subscribe so you can listen to future chats. But most importantly, stop by John’s channel and hear his music!



Check out John and what he’s up to at

Listen to Bap Radio at

Check back at the blog next Thursday for my takeaways from the chat. The fireside chats go live on Monday here on the blog and then I share my takeaways the following Thursday so I have time to process it and you have time to listen before I give away the conversation!


Thanks for stopping by and tuning in! I appreciate your time and hope you’ll come back and join in the community here.




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