Bonus Post: Winter Diffuser Blends & Date Night Oils

Bonus for today since I haven’t been posting as frequently as I have in the past while I have been adjusting to the new schedule.

The Oily Home Companion is the name of the team I am on within Young Living. We have one of the most supportive leaders and access to great resources, training, and tools. Since joining the team back in 2014, I have attended conferences, received training from one of John Maxwell’s team members, and received access to some of the greatest leadership training that I have listened to. Our leadership hears our concerns and ensures we are equipped to support our team members. I am able to apply the training I learn here and apply it to my business and career, help my clients and customers, and grow a strong team. I am always looking for people who are ready to enjoy the benefits of living a healthy, positive, and creative lifestyle using essential oils, so feel free to reach out if you have ever considered joining a multilevel marketing company. As a business owner with an MBA who has been building businesses for myself and others for years, I can tell you that it is as legit as you make it. If you BELIEVE in and USE the products you sell, and care more about the lifestyle than the sales, you will do just fine.










And for those of you already thinking about Valentine’s Day – where are my planners at? These are for you:




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