Fireside Chat with Damaly Shepherd (Damaly Shepherd Portraits)

This week I was able to talk with Damaly Shepherd of Portraits by Damaly Shepherd. We sat down for this Fireside Chat to talk about going full-time with your side gig, the power of sticking with a goal, the importance of personal growth, and how to ensure you are being mentored even if you can’t afford a coach. The chat is chock full of helpful information for those on the brink of going full-time with their side gig as well as those who aren’t sure that going full time is right for them.

Damaly shares how she got involved in photography, why being passionate doesn’t have to be a requirement to be successful at something, and how she had the courage to leave her job to go full time in photography. In the talk, we leave nothing on the table when it comes to real talk about the fear that comes along with going full time or the two sides of the passion discussion and whether it’s needed to be truly good at something! Listen in today to see what you can take away from it and apply to your life and career.



This chat really helped me look at the passion argument from another side since I’ve seen Damaly’s work and LOVE IT! Visit her site and check out her work today!

You can learn more about Damaly at


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        1. It’s for my business. So a personal one. I am going to do Damaly’s VIP experience and a new program she is launching for female entrepreneurs who are changing the world! I’m honored to worked with her. It’s a gift to myself for crushing my goals this year.


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