Recipe: Egg & Veggie Breakfast – Healthy, Filling, Meatless

Thanks to Rachel Hollis and the #Last90Days challenge, I haven’t eaten red meat in three weeks! I also have eliminated soda and almost eliminated coffee completely. I am drinking more water than ever – and therefore peeing more than ever, which has my step count up so I am also getting more exercise than usual. It’s been a good three weeks on this healthy eating and making changes kick.

Finding new meals to eat on her website and around the web has been fun. So has playing around in my own kitchen! This breakfast below that I created while clearing out the fridge one morning is my new favorite – and filled with protein and good stuff to get a day going!

I don’t like to measure things when I cook – I think it’s why cooking and not baking appeals to me more. So, here’s my best attempt to recipe with you.



  • Cilantro – Go with as much or little as you like. I am a huge fan so I used at least 1/4 cup.
  • Chick peas – Drain a can of chick peas. I used at least 1/4 cup.
  • Watercress – I used enough to line the bottom of a plate without the plate being visible any longer.
  • Onion and Green Pepper – I used about 1/8 a cup of onions and 1/4 of a green pepper.
  • Avocado – I used a full avocado and cut it into pieces, then added black peppercorn pepper and a handful of onions, green peppers, and cilantro, with a squeeze of lime to make a semi-guac to go with my meal. Before doing this, put a few of the chunks aside to go with your eggs on the plate.
  • Two eggs
  • A spoonfuls of goat cheese (I crumbled mine up into pieces).

What To Do:


I fried the two eggs and cut up the onion and green pepper and threw them all in a pan with a pat of butter melted on medium high heat. I like to kind of fry and kind of scramble my eggs so they are yellow and white in color. You can make them your favorite way.

Line the bottom of a plate (I chose paper because I am elegant like that) with watercress and then sprinkle the chickpeas over it around the edges, leaving room in middle for the eggs, pepper, and onion.

Add the eggs, onion, and pepper when done, and then sprinkle on the goat cheese. Add the avocado pieces you pulled aside.

And… this is what you have. As always, I paired mine with a Ningxia Red packet for my morning boost and enjoyed a great breakfast of eggs and guac! (This is enough for two people or one person with a big appetite.)  Since it was my first time making it, I made more than enough.


If you make it, let me know your thoughts. I’ve been having this twice a week for a few weeks now and really enjoy it!

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