Fun Family Activity: DIY Essential Oil Lotion Bar


Grab the kids, grab the ingredients, and have some fun this weekend making your own DIY Lotion bars with essential oils! (The video is here or you can watch through YouTube below.)

While the video shows you a mix of lavender and lemon, you can switch it up to other fruits and spices you find more enticing or that your kids think would be more fun. (Watch the kids so they aren’t making lotion in scents you’d NEVER want to walk around town smelling!) Think: orange zest, mint, rosemary. You can use any essential oil noted for Topical use, so explore away and make some Exodus or Stress Away lotion bars. You aren’t confined only to what it shows in the video so think about your favorite scents and have fun with the kids making these bars!

It’s a great time to start thinking about Christmas gifts that have meaning and can add value to someone’s life and routine. What better than sharing some great self-care tools with your best girlfriends, your kids’ teachers, or family members? Yes… I mentioned Christmas. It will be upon us before we know it so I will share some fun ideas from our own creations here at the Casa de la Veras as well as other professionally made videos from Young Living! Don’t forget to check their blog for great recipes as well!

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