Rachel Hollis’ #Last90Days Challenge & “Girl, Wash Your Face” Book – Join Me!

A few months back, I was wandering through the bookstore (which for me is the embodiment of the expression “kid in a candy store”) when a book cover caught my eye. Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face jumped off the shelf into my hands before I realized it!


As I began reading the book, I felt like I was sitting there talking to Rachel in person. The tone is like two girlfriends sitting on a coach sharing stories. I grabbed the book, got home, and … you know the drill… put it on the nightstand. Well a few weeks ago, I came across the RISE podcast and listened as she shared a chapter of her book. I was hooked and signed up for the #Last90Days challenge mentioned on another episode I listened to and then started reading the book with some friends from my Elevation Church eGroup.

The challenge began Monday, October 1. Already I am seeing a change in my mindset and how I feel so I wanted to share this to encourage those of you who would like to end the year productively and strong. I want this year to end on my terms not with whatever comes my way. This challenge is helping me do just that, while praying and joining in community with others who are ready to take control of the next 90 days while still allowing God to move as well. The challenge is based around the “Five to Thrive” daily steps shown below. In addition, through accountability and walking through the book with others, you may find yourself setting others goals! BONUS!




Here’s a snippet of what you can expect from Rachel Hollis in the challenge:



You can sign up for the #Last90Days challenge here. You will receive an email each week from Rachel and her team and then have the option of also joining a FaceBook group (which has a files section where you can find a discussion guide, for those of you who really want to go IN on this challenge). Listening to the weekly podcast is great also!

You can learn more about her here on YouTube and see some videos that will surely help you get organized and productive. I hope to hear that you started the challenge! Leave a comment below if you join so we can encourage one another. I will be making a post at least every two weeks about my progress with the challenge for my own accountability.





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