7 Essential Oils to Get Through “Those” Days

Do you sometimes wonder how you are going to make it through the day? You’ve got the kids screaming, dinner burning, spouse about to get home from work, and STILL there are baths, homework, and bedtime routines. Maybe for you it’s colleagues or demanding clients, the stress of not being able to find work, or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed and wondering if sleeping all day is an acceptable option past the age of 30. Whatever your situation, when you have these days you wonder: HOW DOES ANYONE DO THIS?!


We’ve all been there. We have had those days where we want to get into the car, drive sixty five exits past where we live, change our name, and make a new life for ourselves where we live out our passions and smile every day. Just me? But we also all know that this is our passion. Those colleagues are the same people we joke with over office lunches and long nights cramming for the big presentation. Those clients are the same folks who ensure we can live this crazy life we mostly love. Those screaming kids are our pride and joy. When they aren’t screaming and throwing tantrums about something that makes perfect sense to them despite making no sense to us, they are actually pretty amazing little people with vibrant personalities.



When I have “those” days, I have some go-to oils I like to grab to gain back my sanity and prevent myself from driving past my exit home. Diffusing these oils in the car, home, or office can help me bring myself back to the creative space I need to remain if I am going to produce my best work. Let’s talk about some of those oils so you too can get them on hand and save yourself from making new friends with contacts in black market documentation and making people (like yourself) disappear.

NOTE: There are several others I will talk about in future posts but for today I am going to focus on these seven.


7 Essential Oils for _Those_ Days


There you have my thoughts on 7 essential oils I use when I am having one of “those” days. Interestingly, since being more consistent with my use of oils everyday, I have had fewer days where I need to run to the emergency stash. However, no person or child is perfect and we can’t predict how others will act throughout the day, so I keep at least one or two of these oils on hand at all times. Stress Away and Peace & Calming are my favorite ones to use with my daughter topically and Idaho Balsam Fir and Cedarwood are my favorites to diffuse due to their woodsy scents that cause us to feel more connected with nature and therefore calm us quickly. Depending upon whether you need calming or a “pick me up”, you will find your favorites as well for those moments of stress and feeling overwhelmed.


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