2019 at The Essential Creative

The last few days I have been focused on sharing with you the great deals from Young Living, but I want to ensure you we will be talking about a LOT more than that here at The Essential Creative.

I started this blog so I could share with folks how to excel creatively through the use of faith and oils, but as the year has progressed, I realize my life is so much more than that. The journey I have been on for the past five years has been pretty amazing and has led to a lot of learning. Then I add on what I have experienced and learned as an entrepreneur and writer over the last 7 plus years running my writing business, and well… I would be cheating you and myself if I didn’t start sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gained from both success and failure.

I have never written a lifestyle blog before for myself or for clients through my writing. So learning how to do so without being great at taking photos has been quite the experience. I have also allowed my fear of stepping into the spotlight since I am used to being behind the scenes to hinder me. But no more! I teach others to use their voices and share their stories but all I have really shared are my thoughts. It’s time to use my voice like I’ve trained clients to do for the past 7 years.


What does this mean for you as a reader?


My mission for The Essential Creative in 2019 is to help those within my sphere of influence to use essential oils to reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. As I do that, I will undoubtedly also encounter people (maybe you) who have no interest in using essential oils, and that is okay because my mission as a person and ghostwriter is to help those within my sphere of influence reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. See what happened there? The Essential Creative is how I share my incorporation of oils in my life, but my life is so much more than just how I use oils, so you will benefit even if you are not diffusing Stress Away while trying out a new parenting strategy I share or if you swap out the Rosemary Vitality with fresh Rosemary from the grocery store (like I did yesterday for Thanksgiving because I didn’t know if all of my guests would be okay with me cooking with essential oils, which I believe is important). You may never touch an oil but still benefit from the Bible Study series I will be launching this year where I have some fun understanding the Bible (like I did here) and share it with you. You may never go near the Savvy Minerals line and yet benefit from thoughts I share about authenticity, relationships, or self-care. It’s all okay!

I will be spending December finalizing the plan for which posts will be on which days, but I expect you will see a balance of posts about the following topics as they show up in my thoughts, experiences, and life. I also love when you tell me what you would like to hear more about, so please send me messages or drop me a message on Instagram or FaceBook. If I know something about it, I am happy to share thoughts with you.

Why I Blog

I have been writing creatively and speaking to others since I was a kid and I see how people are touched when I take time to think about my words or share from my heart. Here, I show up as I am. Sometimes it will be messy and other times I will be cleaned up and looking good. But always, I will be who I am and who God created me to be as I understand it in that moment. And I want you to realize that you can do the same in your life. As a writer, I use my words to help others share their stories, thoughts, and voice with the world. Through that profession, I’ve been able to teach many people how to come out of their shell and show up in a new way in their own life and in others’ lives. It’s time we stop hiding behind screens and pretending we are better than we really are. It’s time to be honest and let each other know we aren’t alone and that we have fears, ambitions, and failures just like others. When we show up like this, others start to realize they aren’t alone and we all start rising together. That is why I blog – so we can all rise together and show up for ourselves and one another.


The Next Month

Over the next month, I will be focused on the atmosphere of the season. I enjoy the Holiday Season and seeing the stories of people stepping out. As a giver, I love to bless others and show up when folks feel like no one has been for them. I like to see smiles on faces that usually wear frowns. And I love to see the excitement in children and young adults as they open gifts. Expect to see posts on gift ideas, recipes, how I use oils to stay calm and not give into the panic or get caught up on loneliness from the cold and dark days here in New England. I will also share some of the things my daughter and I will be doing to set our family up for success in 2019, like goal planning and addressing our schedule to ensure it is still effective. As a divorced, single mother who runs my own business, does a side hustle helping a neighbor on third shift, and volunteers within my church and community, I know the demands we all face this time of year financially, personally, and within our peer groups. Look for posts that show how I manage that.


Let’s end this year strong. My thoughts and success has shifted quite a bit since starting the #Last90Days Challenge with Rachel Hollis and some friends. I have been getting better each day this year and am ending the year with a clear understanding of how I plan to show up for myself and rise above my own insecurities and fear to reach my business and personal goals in 2019. I pray the same for you and look forward to walking this path with you throughout this next year as we all grow stronger, wiser, and healthier.


Until next time,



  1. I like the slight change in focus. That’s why I no longer write on that one blog…I am so much more than a recovering alcoholic, and I felt I needed a blog that reflected that. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It makes sense! I’ve been playing with how I would manage things and so I sunset my other one (Eyesstraightahead.wordpress.com) and am going to focus my energy on this one. That one will sit and be available for the moments I need to remember how far I came these past few years! Have a great weekend, Bill!


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