Creative Gift Idea #2: “Let Me Count the Ways” Photo Frame

I’m back with another idea on how you can bless a friend or loved one this holiday season (though the gift ideas work all year round). Have fun and enjoy the process of creating something from your heart not just purchasing a gift with your wallet.


A special gift for children and parents, even friends who really make an impact on your life, is a photo frame with a words and sentences that detail who someone is to you and how they have impacted your life.

What You Will Need

  • Square photo frame
  • Square mat for inside the photo frame
    • As a note, we bought the one above at a retail chain and they came together for $9.07

What You Will Do

  • On the mat, write out 6 – 10 words that describe characteristics of the person
    • Spread out the words throughout and make the font kind of big
  • In the remaining space, write out sentences explaining reasons you love this person and appreciate what they do and who they are to you.

This gift was a huge hit for my mother last year and we are doing one for my father this year with a picture from when he took my little one to meet her favorite NASCAR driver. Make sure the picture in the middle is one that the person will think is special. You are going for full on tears when they read it. Anything short and you missed the joy of giving this gift! (Smile)


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