Peppermint Brownie Bundle & Stress Relief Bundle | Creative Gift Ideas

These are two of my faves so from this season’s creative gift ideas. I’ve already made three of the Peppermint Brownie Bundles for friends, and four of the Stress Relief Bundles for some youth in my life.

One change you’ll notice around here starting today: I have finally given in and joined some affiliate programs to help me bring in some additional income and keep the blog going. Because this is a passion project, I don’t want ads messing it up and ruining your experience, so I joined the Amazon Associates program so I can share links to products and earn a commission of you purchase them. This doesn’t cost you additional money but allows me to benefit from information I am already sharing and linking too anyway! I will update past posts over the next month and moving forward will include the disclaimer now that there is some monetization on the site. I always appreciate you continuing to read and tell your friends about the blog. We are up to 700 plus subscribers and a decent traffic for a side project!

To be clear: This post includes affiliate links for which I will earn a commission if you choose to purchase the products. This costs you no extra money but provides me with revenue to keep this blog ad-free so we can focus on the content and not irrelevant ads.

Now to the good stuff!


This brownie bundle idea is wonderful for a family member or friend who loves to bake! Maybe you want to inspire some family cooking time for someone with kids or give a friend something special to do with that teenager who has been hard to reach. You can include a card in your gift that says, “Have some Minty Fresh Fun with the Family.” Include this gift bundle with a board game and give it to that friend who is always playing games or has been looking for something to make the Winter a bit more bearable.

On a personal note, if you haven’t tried making your brownies using Young Living’s (YL) peppermint vitality oil, you’re truly missing out! Cooking with YL oils gives you a new way to enjoy the foods you love with an aroma based twist that tastes amazing too. Whoever you give this gift to will send you a “Thank you” text after their first mouthwatering pepperminty bite of goodness. Or maybe send you a SOS text because they ate the entire batch themselves and need some more! It’s risk but it’s one worth taking.

Image showing Peppermint Brownie Bundle elements as described in this post.

Fun fact: We keep peppermint vitality and peppermint oil on hand in our home because we love to diffuse Peppermint and Citrus Fresh while cooking and when studying for tests.



Around $18 +tax

If you want to add any additional items to this bundle for your favorite baker in mind here are a couple of other items you can include from Target.

P.S. Include a recipe card to your gift. We’ve created one for you here:

Peppermint Brownie Gift Tag

Here’s the recipe for you guys now, in case you don’t want to include the tag or want to know how easy these are to make:

  1. Mix your brownie batter per instructions on your box.
  2. Mix 3 drops of peppermint vitality oil.
  3. Bake as instructed and wrap.


Okay so these bubble bopper “fidgets” are all the new craze with the kiddos right now. My middle-schooler daughter and elementary schooler nephew both play with them non-stop. This is the perfect thing to add to stockings or a little something special for the youth in your life. Shoot, today, some adults may be first on your mind to give this kit to!

Pair it with the AromaEase Aroma Rings for them to wear while they play. Make sure to monitor the younger siblings around them for potential choking hazards if the rings are dropped on the floor. The AromaEase essential oil blend is a fresh favorite that combines the aromas of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Cardamom, and Fennel into a breath of minty refreshment and rejuvenation. This helps stimulate focus and cognitive balance.

You can also sub the AromaEase Rings for the Kidscents Sweet Dreams Bath Bombs. They can play with their popper in the tub while they soak.



  • Sweet Dreams Bath Bombs $32.57 (pk of 6) (Or choose from these options.)


Around $37

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