Creative Gift Idea: Seashells & Handlettered Card

It seems people really enjoyed the creative gift ideas so I am going to share at least one idea a month with you of creative gifts you can create for friends. Some will be easy and some will be hard but they all come from the heart!

This sweet and fast idea for those of you who live near a beach and have friends who love the beach but don’t live near it came from a friend who was visiting the beach and knew I loved it. The card idea came from a friend who sent it when I won a giveaway she was hosting. Together they make a really sweet gift for any time of the year!


What You Will Need

  • The beach!
  • Small bag / change purse
  • Optional: Washy tape
  • Small sample vile
  • Cardstock or premade blank card

What You Will Do

Beach Selections

  • Pick up some sand with the sample vile.
  • Choose 5 – 10 seashells that catch your eye
  • Choose a washi tape that reminds you of the person.
  • Put all items into a small bag or change purse.
  • Handletter the person’s name on the card and include a nice note inside.




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