Community Mondays: Favorite Three Bloggers / Writers

Each Monday my hope is that we can share information with one another and engage in conversation and / or help one another grow by sharing resources. To kick off 2019, let’s talk about those three sites each week that you absolutely love to read. Whether it’s for information, entertainment, or development, who are the three writers / bloggers you ensure you read each week, even without notifications?

The three sites I ensure I read (I’m not great about doing so each week since I’m more of a binge reader but I’m making time to change that this year and become more consistent):

The Mudroom

I like this one because it’s a collective from various writers with a shared belief. They wrote from various angles and their depth strikes my heart and causes me to think. They write about the church from a perspective most have forgotten still exists within Christianity: Loving your neighbor as they are. They care about social issues and want to help others. It is my goal this year to finally submit writing to them to become a part of this community. I’ve wanted to for years but always felt below their excellence. This is the year I give myself permission to try!

Artistry with Words

I started following Bill when he first retired and started writing on a site we both were members of. I really enjoyed his style and the way his honesty and humor peeked through his words. He’s one of the few writers who can make me laugh and cry while reading the same post. Then there’s his educational side where he brings complex or tedious things to life and makes the understandable. I followed a blog he’s since sunset and now ensure I binge read this one a few times a month! This year my goal is to get there weekly to read his sentiments. Check him out if you’re looking for tips for writing and some great reading about life. He shares good quotes, strong stories, and engaging questions to get you thinking!

Ann Voskamp

I don’t even know where to start with Ms. Voskamp. I’ve been reading her blog for years – possibly since it first began. Her writing has this sincerity and heart to it that was so refreshing and hard to find years ago and now is starting to emerge from others. For some, she’s too hard to digest because she is so sweet and nice. For others, it’s just what the doctor ordered. The imagery is beautiful and her posts talk about life with God on the farm. She’s written some books, my favorite of which is still 1000 Gifts. If you like long, heartfelt posts, you may enjoy her writing too!

I look forward to checking out the bloggers / writers you share in the comments below!



  1. My goodness, what kindness, Shell! Thank you so much. Now I have to live up to those words. A tall task ahead….my favorite bloggers…..Intuitive and Spiritual…..Audrey Howitt…..A Creative State of Mind….good sites, great people!

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