Sunday Sermons: “Tested, Tempted, & Turned Around” by Chad Veach

I usually share sermons that you could essentially remove the faith from and still grab some nuggets to help you with your week. But today I really felt like someone would be blessed to hear this message and it is not one where you can separate the faith (at least I don’t see how). I love Pastor Chad’s teaching here.

I was first introduced to Pastor Chad Veach of Zoe Church in LA during Awakening 2016. His presentation really struck me because he spoke so freely, was filled with Bible background, and had the energy of a Kindergarten class who ate six bags of sugared donuts before the day began. I loved this because I was able to keep up with him. Having ADHD, it is hard to find preachers who speak in a way that I don’t have my wander at times. I need folks like the pastors I have shared here on this series because they can keep me focused on them.

This has some fun stories as well as some great Bible teaching and a wonderful lesson for those who feeling they are going through some things. Enjoy and have a great Super Bowl Sunday!



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