Abandoned Playgrounds & Creativity

While it’s best to create from a place of fullness and life, sometimes all you’ll have within you is darkness and abandonment. You can create from that place as well. Some of the most well-known artists did so. Some of the best creators are also the loneliest people. Don’t let your current mood, situation, or mental illness struggles prevent you from creating. Start where you are and let the inspiration take you to new places.


This abandoned school playground made me think of how many people are at the top when they are the ones paying for others, giving services for free, and doing things for everyone else. But when they move on and stop being used, suddenly no one is around. They can feel isolated and abandoned. They can feel like if they aren’t the ones to reach out, no one is thinking about them. Like a teeter totter that no longer brings joy because it doesn’t work, they are left with the unintended consequences of standing up for their worth and not allowing others to take advantage of them. Many of us have felt that way. Many of us currently do.

The difference between living in the dark place and waking through it is how we approach it. We can see it as a wilderness experience to walk through and triumph over or a deserted wasteland for us to succumb to. By walking through it, fully being present, and taking one step at a time, we will overcome and have something to show for as we create while in the journey. Use the feelings as a muse. Pull from the core of your being the strength to endure and thrive in this darkness. It’s not the end. It’s simply a point to look back on one day. You can do it!





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