Fireside Chat with JRenee from No Honey Makeup: Staying Focused on Your Goal

I have always loved sitting and talking with friends and new acquaintances about their businesses and learning about the raw side of launching and running a business that we are always so afraid to speak on out loud. Thinking about how I could really help us all excel creatively this past month, I decided it was time to start doing some interviews and really increase the level and quality of posts about business here. We have faith, creativity, and community covered but I wanted to dive in deeper on business. For the next few weeks, and hopefully continuing throughout 2020, I will be sharing fireside chats with friends and people I am meeting through networking and specifically for this purpose. Our conversations will be about hopes and dreams, how business is working, the truth about what it takes while you’re trying to grow and run a successful business, and how faith ties into this when the folks I am chatting with are men and women of faith. I will vary the audience over time, but the first few folks are pulling from my tribe and people I love dearly. Today, we start! Can you hear the excitement!?!?!?!

JRenee of No Honey Makeup

Meet JRenee! Mother, wife, businesswoman. I met her back in 2016 through Worship & Poetry, a local project to really showcase the Christian arts and how we are growing, thriving, and here to stay. She was the MC and I fell in love… she is funny, vibrant, and her love for Christ comes through in all she does. I knew we had to be friends and God made it happen through a series of events and conversations. JRenee is the owner and CEO of No Honey Makeup, JRenee Creative Services, and a licensed esthetician. She previously was an instructor and has taken that knowledge and her skills to launch her companies.

No Honey Makeup Quote Goals

In this inaugural fireside chat, JRenee and I talk about life as a mom, woman of faith, businesswoman, and wife. How she juggles it all and how she moved ahead with a desire to open a business during a really inopportune time for many women: while on maternity leave! Seriously, she did. We didn’t hold back in this chat. Her transparency will both bless and help you as you go after your goals and dreams, follow God’s call for your life, and do what you are purposed to do. There is plenty of laughter and advice if you listen to the full 41-minute audio interview.

Some of the highlights in the interview include a discussion on beauty and going after those dreams God has put within you. Don’t give up on them! Keep pressing through and ensure you reach them. Come back next Thursday (December 19th) for the post on my takeaways from the conversation.

Don’t mind our beginning where I totally forgot to introduce JRenee by name! By the third post in this topic series, I remember to introduce my guest! (Facepalm emoji would be here if we had them on the computer… the first two interviews are already recorded without the introduction of the person I am talking with.)

Without further delay, grab a cup of coffee, take a walk or whatever you like to do when listening to podcasts and the like, and press play below!


To find JRenee and No Honey Makeup online, go to:


These are the current colors of lipstick and some offerings for apparel. Visit her website for more information or to place your order today!







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No Honey Makeup Fireside Chat


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